my friend owes me money

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my friend owes me money

Postby just_me » Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:00 am

right, its only £20, but its the difference between me going out this weekend and me not going out this weekend.

A while ago i was out with my friends at the pub, and one of my friends asked me if she could borrow £10 cos she didnt have money for drinks, and i was driving so i wasnt drinking anyway so i said yes as she seemed to need it more than i did. she promised me she would pay me back the next day. this was over 2 weeks ago.

since then we have been out again and this time she asked me for another £10, she said it was because she didnt have as much money as she thought she had, and if she couldnt borrow any then she couldnt go out.

so now she owes me £20

she has recently moved in with her boyfriend and his family and never comes out anymore, never rings any of us, shes totally changed, she dropped out of college a few weeks before she moved in with him, because she wanted to become a full time burger flipper.

she got paid today, and it was my intention to ring her and ask for the money as soon as i got in, but it wasnt until my brother mentioned he had seen her that i remembered.

my brother had gone into yates on his dinner break in work, and my mate gave him a message for me to ring her.

when i phoned at about 10 ish, she said "ring me back tommorrow im drunk" so now it seems as though she is not just ditching me and all her other friends, but shes also going out on the town with my money, and im totally skint until next pay day which is 2 weeks tommorrow.

i told her a few days ago that i needed the money because i had to pay the road tax, bearing in mind i have been giving her lifts everywhere since i passed my driving test in july. but stil she thinks that everything else is more important.

i dont know what to say to her

its not worth risking our friendship over £20 but i really need that money. has any one got any idea what i should do? its a bit long winded sorry about that.
just me xox
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Postby brfc » Fri Mar 11, 2005 10:26 am

well its up to you but what i would do is either come out with it and say have you got that money that i lent you or next time she asks for money. dont give it to her. if she was drunk the time you rung her up she cant be that hard up for money. she sounds like she is taking you for a ride. if she can afford booze she can afford to pay you back. thats my opinion
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Re: my friend owes me money

Postby arwen » Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:10 am

just_me wrote:its not worth risking our friendship over £20 ...

Maybe your friend would do well to remember that!
Explain that you really need that money back now, and how soon can she pay you? Be polite but firm and don't be fobbed off.
And learn a lesson here - never lend or borrow money to/from anyone!
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Postby Laurajane » Fri Mar 11, 2005 3:59 pm

erm decent friends always pay back- i know mine do, get her rung up and told!!!
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Postby SugarRainbows » Fri Mar 11, 2005 6:15 pm

If your worried about falling out then maybe a sensitive 'You dont have to pay me back now, but I kinda need that money soon becuase id like to go out' she wont take offence and you get your point across.

However you wouldnt do this to her and so she shouldnt expect to be allowed to do it to you, if she asks for more money just say 'Im sorry but ive already lent you £20' and dont give her any.
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Postby X_Smiler_X » Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:54 pm

I have learnt this lesson many of times before.

You sound like me, very giving and you feel bad for saying no?

You really need to tell this friend of yours that you trusted her with that £20 you owed her, and you thought of her as such a good friend.
If she doesn't pay this back to you, then just look at it as a lesson to be remembered.

But then again, maybe she has a good reason for not paying it back, but even so, she should have at least told you why she couldn't.

Good luck!
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You're not alone

Postby Dolphiness » Fri Mar 18, 2005 10:54 pm

Believe me mate you're not alone in this I recently posted a problem similar to yours in which I was being ditched by my mate who was talking about moving in with this guy and marrying him after two weeks of knowing him.

In my case however I had lent this mate a hell of a lot more money than you have yours and I'm still awaiting payment.

At first I felt guilty asking for the money but believe me in a few weeks maybe months you will get over the guilt. I constantly moan to my mate how skint I am now and how I can't pay my rent. If it makes you more comfortable why not ask her by text that way it doesn't seem like a demand just ask if there is any chance she could pay you back by the end of the week as you really are broke and need to pay stuff off so could she return you the favour.

If she falls out with you over this she is in the wrong and everyone will see that, you aren't demanding the money off her you're just asking her to do the same as you did for a friend. Don't feel bad about asking for it back its rightfully yours.
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Postby Krystal » Tue Mar 22, 2005 5:35 pm

i havn't read all the replies so im sorry if im just repeating what is already wrote.
I understand your qualms about losing a friendship but at the end of the day if she is your friend she should understand what predicament your in (skint wise) and if she just been paid that should of been one of her priorities to help you out like you helped her.
you said shes totally changed, if i were you i would try and talk to her when shes sober and find out where your friendship stands itll give you a clearer picture of the situation and the chances you have of receiving the money owed to you.
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