My friends boyfriend and my friend

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My friends boyfriend and my friend

Postby musicfan » Tue Mar 22, 2005 7:32 pm


Basically my friend is totally in love with her boyfriend but it seams hes very flirty amongst other girls. he is currantly working with a girl at work who has tried it on with him but hes backed off but not enough to tell her complety straight that hes not interested as he has a girlfriend already.

The girl is always coming onto him but he never really tells her straight that she should stop, it sounds like he likes the fact that someone cant have him.

The way i saw it was that he didnt want to totally discard this girl at work just in case something happened with his relationship with his girlfriend and it meant he hand someoen straightway to fall back on.

If that was me i would have told him to sling it, its obvious that hes not being as honest as hes making out.

What are your opinions on the subject, should he of told the girl who keeps trying it on to shove it or what?

I think he should of, if he loves his girlfriend that much he shouldnt be playing around. I have heard from other people that hes a bit of a flirt and a player, i think he even would try it on with his girlfriends mum if he had the chance (she thought she was fit aswell)

Let me here your thoughts.

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Postby V23 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 12:21 am

I agree that it sounds like he's not telling this girl where to go so he has a fall back, so to speak.
He really should tell her simply that he's not interested and to stop trying it on. Does his girlfriend know?
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Postby Faith80 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 4:34 pm

It sounds to me as if he likes the attention that this other girl is giving him. He should really tell her that he is not interested, but speaking from experience, getting attention like that from someone can be quite addictive, even if you are happy in a relationship with someone else.

There are 3 things that could be done, either let him get on with it and hope that he is actually a decent bloke and will tell her to do one before it leads on to anything else (although if this backfires and your friend finds out that you saw it coming, she might not be best pleased with you) . Secondly, you could have a quiet word in his ear and let him know that you have noticed this girl flirting with him and that he shouldn't lead her on if he's attached. And thirdly, have a word with the flirty girl and tell her to back off.

Of course you could say something to your friend, but that could cause all sorts of problems.
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