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Postby pretty_in_pink » Sat Apr 02, 2005 2:08 pm

Went to a party last night, which was great fun, but i realised just how much i've drifted from oe of my former 'best' friends. :(

See, let me explain this. There were three of us, me, him and this other guy and we were really REALLY close friends and i was really happy with them coz they are both so sweet and funny. And then this other girl 'joined' us and it was all cool. :rainbow:

Then he started getting to know this this other friend in our 'group' better and hangin out with her more than he did before, which is all gravy coz i mean, it'd be really sad if i had a problem with my friedns being friends with others, lol. So then he became really close to her too, then they started going out, still fine, except i wasnt told, because i was his former prom date and now he wanted to go with her, understandabley, and didn't want to upset me (eventho it wouldnt) so everyone knew except me. :ziplip:

Eventually after a week or two, another friend told me and i wasnt too suprised, i thought something was up with them. I was fine with it except i was kinda annoyed that no-one told me and i was kinda worried that it wasnt going to work out and that their friendship wouldnt be the same again, but i didnt say anything because i didnt want to sound jelous or annoy him or anything coz he seamed happy with her. :-$

Now, i have never really got on with this girl, when she was just a friend. But now i never hang out with him and i never get to see him hardley. And last night i realised just how much we have drifted. See, before, i would have beein invited to everything that he may have been doing and we had no secrets from each other. My other close friend mentoned his party and asked if i was going and i hadn't heard of it yet so i just assumed that i just hadnt seen him since he diecided about so i hadnt been told yet. But no no no....yesterday was another friends birthday party and it's his birthday soon, so i casually asked "so are you doing anything for your bithday this year?" and his answer was an unsure "urmm....not that i know of" and then i guessed it may have been a suprise party, but i doubt it as his answer was so unsure, then i became sure that there was and i just wasnt invited coz after he sed it his close-friend-turned-girlfriend for a split second had this look on her face as if to say " yeh you are" then cottoned on and went back to what she was doing. :^o

Maybe i'm just paranoid and i probably am coz im a bit of a drama queen but i'm actually quite upset about it because we were so close and we have now drifted so much and i doubt that we'll ever be as good friedns again asnd even if they do break up she will have taken my place and theres nothing i can do......
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Postby brfc » Sun Apr 03, 2005 4:47 pm

sometimes freinds tend to go off in different directions. seems this friend of yours has decided to spend more time on other people instead of you. i had a best friend but since i moved away i see less of him so we driffted apart like yyour friend has driffted from you. its sad but you just have to pick yourself up and carry on. try to make some new freinds
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