Annoying friend

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Annoying friend

Postby Beki » Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:09 am

im at college n i really love it. ive met loads of new friends and weve become like one big family.
my friend started goin out with a guy we met at the beginnin of col and they still go out. at first we were all really happy for them but the past 3 months have been flippin annoyin. all we here about is the boyf. she complains one minute the next he's the best thing in the world and we r all sick of hearin it.
im not usually like this, i would do n e thin for my frends, im one of the best listeners in the group and ppl come to me all the tym, but to be honest i cant be bothered to listen to her problems ne more because there always the same- SIMON!!!
i dnt no how to break to her that shes gettin annoyin
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Postby singingsmiler » Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:43 am

Sometimes when people get into relationships they can get a bit blinkered and their whole life becomes about that person - they talk about them etc...
3 months can still be the honeymoon period and the problem with relationships is people always have ups and downs so the moaning will change as you tend to only be fed up with someone for short periods...

You should tell her that you find it difficult because you only talk about her bf and you would like to talk about other things aswell.

SS xx
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Postby JennaXXX » Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:07 am

If you feel she is a good friend that you should be able to tell her that this is starting to annoy you. I agree that people can get very wrapped up in their relationships and maybe in a few months she will settle down a bit.
You could at first try gently changing the subject whenever it comes up. Alternatively maybe a bit of space apart would be a good thing for now.
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Postby seksiclaire » Sat Jul 02, 2005 8:06 pm

hiya Beki, i had the same sort of situation with one of my ex best friends, that is the reason she is my ex best friend. 2 years ago she started going out with a lad and for a while it was fine coz we still went out places together as friends n did stuff that mates do. Then sep 2004 we start college and all she talks about is her bf. by this time she had been with him 1 year and a bit and i thought it would calm down by this time but no. she tells us everytime she gets a txt off him, every detail of what she did at his house last nite, what he had for his tea, where they are going together tomorrow, u kno the jist. i didnt see it in a true light what she was doing till i sort of got a new best friend then i realised how selfish she was, she likes to control people not just her bf but her friends aswell she is very selfish and likes to be the leader. this may not be what your situation is like but if u really value her friendship u need to sit down n talk to her about what shes doing otherwise she will be oblivious to it because her whole life is revolved around her bf. if u make her realise how bad its making you and your friends feel she will hopefully act on it and talk about him less and spend more quality time with her friends.

Claire xxx
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