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How To Sort It Out.

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 5:52 pm
by PurePurple
As you probably know a recent topic from a friend of mine was posted on here about pregnancy, (Lets call her X)

Ok a couple of days ago X had an argument with K, And I got involved somehow and talked to X about it because K heard X choking, so K took an overdose. I asked X If i could trust her and she assumed I SAID :o I can't trust you, which I didnt. So me and K started talking to annoy X so she would start talking to someone else.

Anyway on MSN Me and K tried helping X but she got back-up to tell us to leave her alone, but we were trying to help! (Sorry X) But X acted like a retard infront of them and when i tried to apologise she did a love heart then said k. And Didn't talk to me again.

The thing is Me and K tried helping her, but K went in a mood with X because K thought X was hurting herself, but she wasnt! Me and K tried helping her but she said "Im not talking to Beth" (Me) So I said until X grows up and sorts her head out nothing happens between us, But I dont have a clue how to sort this out because me and X just go back to square one. K tried making me apologise but I wouldn't because I know X wouldn't accept the apology and be friends with me again.

Sorry For Long Post.