My brother constantly puts me down

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My brother constantly puts me down

Post by PurePurple » Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:22 am

Hey all, I'm 15.. My brother is 18 and to be quite honest, We aren't the skinniest family, I've never been skinny, my brother has but he gradually put on weight.

However, My brother weighs more than me, but i'm short so I look bigger. And my brother is always putting me down for being fat. I know i'm not the skinniest person alive but it's really annoying me how, he walks into a room i'm in, and he goes "Alright fatty" or he goes "You've got more rolls than a baker" Which may seem funny but it's very hurtful, And it's really starting to get me down - I'm so unhappy that I won't eat for days because of it.. My parents take it as a joke when I tell them he's calling me fat.. My mum and brother called me fat behind my back.

He grabs my stomach all the time and goes "Aren't you fat.." In a stupid childish tone of voice.. He grabs my cheeks and calls me "chubbers"

To be quite honest he makes me want to kill myself, And it really upsets me all the time.. Sometimes I just feel like giving up sometimes because he hurts me alot.

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Post by brfc » Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:05 pm

hey purple!

from the pictures ive seen on here you look great to me. wouldnt change my top friend purple :D !

mayb try talking to your parents to tell them how upset its making you. if they know your serious then things might change. might stop them making these silly comments. take care brfc x

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Post by Moose » Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:21 pm

Hey PureP. I've read lots of your other posts about your bro, and he certainly does sound like a pain in the proverbial. In fact, he sounds very similar to my own brother, and probably loads of other brothers across the land.

I'm just concerned that you're taking your bro's comments so much to heart. If you were stick thin, he'd be calling you a stick insect (not a compliment), or if you had acne, he'd call you pizza face. If you were top of the class in everything, you'd be a swot, and if you failed something you'd be thick. We ALWAYS find something to annoy our brothers and sisters with, and usually, what we know annoys them most, we stick with. He can see he's upsetting you, and he's loving it - but I bet he wouldn't love it so much if he heard someone else saying it about you, nor if he really REALLY knew how much he was hurting you.

Are there ever any times when you get on with your bro? Any times when you're chatting normally? If so, tell him then. Tell him you like it when you get on, and it hurts you when you feel personal comments are being made about your weight.

Apart from your family, has anyone else made you feel bad about your weight? You don't look fat in any of the pics I've seen of you either, and I suspect this is family banter that's gone a bit too far for your liking.

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Post by Pwif » Mon Jul 09, 2007 1:21 pm

Two very good posts from brfc and Moose.

My brothers were always teasing me when I was growing up. Brothers know exactly what to do to wind us girls up (as sisters know how to wind brothers up). It's part of family life unfortunately. :-?

From now on, if your brother calls you names, just smile at him and don't retaliate. He's just looking for a narky response from you. If you don't give it, I guarantee he'll get fed up of teasing you.

Think about all your good points and try to show those to your brother. Also, work on the things you've got in common with him. Do you like the same sort of music, films etc? Talk to him about the things you both like. Your relationship with your brother will definitely blossom.

Hope it all goes well.
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