my sister hurts every one

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my sister hurts every one

Post by saramidnite » Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:09 pm

im not sure were to begin,
it's my sister's 18 today.

i dont know where she is,
so i cant wish her happy birthday
all i know is she lives with her boyfriend who is 25 or 26. he is two years older then me.

whe i was younger she use to bully me because i have learning disabilites,
i am lucky if i get d or c in any exam where her and my dad get A or at least a b.

we have the same parents, but i have my mums complection and she has my dads and some times it makes me feel i dont fit in as my dad is half indian and L my sister has always bin the fravoite.

she would rub it in my face and get angry if i didnt understand something when she explained things to me.

my parents abused me and so did my step dad.
my dad also made inaproite remarks towards me,

my sister also came on to me bf and said he drop down dead due the fact he very big and broad, because he rejected her.
he has her own bf anyway and it really hurt me that she would do that.

last year i had amiscarriage and the following week i met up with my sister to talk about it as i wasnt coping.
we met in the park and went back to her flat as she lives with my dad, he was out,
we went to the comp to find under age porn
my sister then left home that night and i helped to leave.

my sister told my cusin who is a ploice officer and so the police got involed and my sister nad me told them what we saw.
his home got raided but he manage to get rid of the proff before the raid took place so he got away with it.

people started to finally believe me about i told them before about my dad.

to cut along story short as i try not to make this to long but i have diffcuilties explainging things.

she went to live my mum, rang up bills, stole my dads credit cards and ordered stuff,
then was very rude to our cousins and tried to belame the fact she horrble because i asked her to be, when i didnt and
she then lied and said she had a misscarriage when she knew i was still trying to deal with the baby i lost.
she admitted to liying

she then ran away from my mums and told my nan my dads mum i phioned the police. so now my nan is not talking to me much.
she is the one who told the police frist.
but i am getting the belame.

she has always tried to hurt me in the pass she is ashammed to have a sister who is dyslexic.
she also told me she gald my dad almost killed and raped me and treaten me.
she was also bullying my 9yr sister as her and me are close.

i wish i knew what to do.
she hates every one

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