he's driving everyone mad!!!

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he's driving everyone mad!!!

Post by babyLM » Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:08 pm

i have a fourteen year old brother that had awful behaviour. no-one can cope with him anymore and he clearly doesnt want to live in this house hold, but he has no where else to go. i have my own opinion on why he may be like this, but i want to run it by you and see what you think becuase there are several things that i think play a part in what he's become. please dont misunderstand that i'm making excuses for him, and most of his behaviour is out of his own will, i just think he has a few reasons that he's like this, so here goes:

1. We moved away from my dad in scotland to england when he was 3months old(mark). i was 3 and my other brother was 5(liam). - although me and liam were also very younge liam still remembers his dad, his dad was there for his first day in school(he started school in scotland), me being a girl, i had my mum, i would have thought that mark being a boy he would feel like he needed his dad, although he has never said it?

2. Whenever we go and visit my dad mark is always singled out, almost asif my dad doesnt like him. he gets into trouble for the slightest of things but me and liam dont. me and liam get treated completely different to him! - to me, i would think that, that has a huge impact on his behaviour because he doesnt have his dad at home, and even when his dad is there, he still doesnt feel like he has a dad?

3. His big brother(liam) has always resented him, he's never bonded with him, where as on the other hand i have, Liam is like my best friend. - i also think this would have a big impact on him as he clearly see's that he doesnt have a bong with his big brother that i have, which then makes him feels like he doesnt have anyone, although he has my mum, would i be wrong in saying that every younge boy needs a man in their lives?

4. He gets told no-one likes him day in and day out(by family). - which although there are reasons for this which i will explain further down, this still must push him further and further away from his family, leaving him feeling as though he had no-one. i mean who would want to stay in a house when he feels like he isnt wanted.

5. His dad forgets his birthday and he doesnt get anything from him: where as me and liam do.

6. my mum asked my dad to take him off her hands for a while so she could get time away from him as he is driving her crazy, and my dad said " put him in a home" he would rather see his son in a home before he tried. - imagine how mark must have felt hearing this.

okay, thats my opinion on why i think he maybe be the way that he is.

if i tell you the things he has done you might realise why he is so resented..
- he smokes.
- he takes drugs (canabis)
- he has had drug dealers at the door after him.
- he has stole £700 off my mum.
- he speaks to people like rubbish.
- he doesnt have any respect for anyone.

although some of that is really bad - do you agree with any of my reasons that has maybe made him this way. he seems to be getting worse and worse, is there anything i could do to help him? i would be really grateful for your time and help as i hate seeing my family being pulled apart like this.

- thankyou for reading x

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Re: he's driving everyone mad!!!

Post by Bel Bel » Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:44 pm

well i do feel really sorry for him and yes i expect thats whay he behaves like that. He has been taught that little is expected of him so he acts that way. He has no reason to behave as he gets no reward for it.

I am afraid I am not sure what you can do to help. It's really up to your parents but they are obviously making thr problem worse

Let him know you care and tell him you will always be there for him emotionally
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Re: he's driving everyone mad!!!

Post by dipsydoodlenoodle » Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:48 pm

Is there no possibility of getting your mam to contact the doctors on behalf of him; his behaviour, his drug taking. He might just need to talk to a counsillor or something, you know someone neutral who won't laugh at him if he says something stupid (I know you wouldn't laugh at him but he might think it).
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