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something to give away...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 2:33 pm
by nothings_shocking
Ok...does anyone know of anywhere where i can either get rid of my brother or get rid of his girlfriend for 6 weeks?!
Only thing being they cannot be together.
Ignorant, selfish, lazy, scruffy, disobedient, self centred, rude child!!!
Why does he have to be like it?!
Ok...i'm done.
Just had to breath...
x x x

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 4:16 pm
by sparkly_star
I would try and get rid of my brother too...

But he's going on holiday with his mates next week!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:06 pm
by lilessexgal
im afraid you cant get rid of him lol but you could just stay away from him? probably hard in a house but worth a try.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:26 pm
by nothings_shocking
would you like him for a week?!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:35 pm
by lilessexgal
il take him if it will make you fell better hun!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:40 pm
by nothings_shocking
lilessexgal wrote:il take him if it will make you fell better hun!

i will pay you!!! i've had enough!!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:35 am
by lilessexgal
hmmmmmm lol well two annoying sisters already plus a boy who you say is so annoying i would charge alot!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 7:48 pm
by LME79
What is the actual problem mate? Has anything happened?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 7:58 pm
by nothings_shocking
ok we may be here for a while...
he doesn't change his clothes or bath at all when his girlfriend is around. Shae stays around for at least 4 days.
He is very rude to my mum makes her cry.
Doesn't take any notice of my dad.
He won't get a job.
Gives both of my paretns a hard time practically all the time.
My mum and dad have even gotten out of their bed as they have said that sleeping downstairs was uncomfortable...
rude to my friends
calls me words which i cannot post on here and i'm not..
runs up £300 phone bills
thinks parents are banks...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:05 pm
by peecee
Seems as if a lot of these things need to be sorted out by your parents, me dear. How old is the little git (sorry - pretend I'm being non-judgemental... :wink: )? Your parents really need to set the rules, and make sure he sticks to them - or else move out. He's making everyone's life a misery in their own homes, and that's just not fair.

What's your brother's girlfriend like? If she lets him go without washing for 4 days, does that mean it's not a relationship where she can tell him to grow up and treat your parents like human beings? I presume he won't listen to big sis, i.e. you?

I think you need to get together with your parents, and tell them your concerns. They may try to bluff it out, but equally, they may admit that what you've noticed is true. If you can get them to do that, the three of you can work together to civilise your brother, bring him to heel, and make life more pleasant for all of you.

Failing that, my favourite "Plan B" is to hold him down, and stick marshmallows up his left nostril... :-?


PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:30 pm
by nothings_shocking
He is meant to be 16...
My parents have tried but he gets very stroppy. They have told him the rules...he gets...stroppy...won't speak to them and then tells him that he is going to meet girlfriend.
While they sleep under my parents roof...neither of them change...tehy wear the same underwear for 4 days!!! Mum makes him change...stroppy breaches comes on...
She does let him...she's just as bad as him!! At the moment she has been here 5 days and she has only changed her socks once!
He won't listen to me...they leave the place in a state!! I came in from shopping one day and the lounde looked like a bomb had hit it!
Me being me got angry and shouted up the stairs for him to get down here!! As you can imagine he told me i wasn't his mother and carried on what he was doing...
I've told my parents and they have told me i just have to ignore him!
It's ok when he is throwing things at me..
They know it is happening they have told me!

Afraid that plan wouldn't work...he is taller and stonger then me...
x x x

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:44 am
by arwen
Right, send him round to Chez Arwen for some no-nonsense discipline lessons - I'll soon kick him into shape :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:09 am
by nothings_shocking
when can he come round?!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:25 am
by Liquidius
Bribe him - bribary always works!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:13 pm
by dappychick88
Heya, you've helped me, so il try and help you. You could always suggest he goes out with his friends, on his own. Or say to him that if he doesn't spend more time with his friends and family, then when/if he splits up with his girlfriend, then he will have no one there to support him as he will have pushed them all away!

Hope that helps,