my dad the control freak!!!

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my dad the control freak!!!

Postby Envy001 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:28 am

I'm quite torn in between two at the moment. Basically my dad can act in a very aggressive manner if things don't go his way and his tone of voice can seem quite scary.

There has been numerous times we've had major arguments him and he entered my personal space and I felt so intimidated!!! I can tolerate it to a certain extent but this is beyond it all now and I just wanna go away!!!!

His constant nagging and shouting has done major damage to my older sister who is so weak as a person and as for my mum she is unable to stand up for herself let alone stand up for my sister and I!!! So I have been the one to take my dad on to try and defend situations but things are so unbareble at times I just want out!!!!

The reason I believe I am torn in between two is because there are times when he will do things for me however, I still believe he is a complete control freak from his agressive manner!!!!

I just want to runaway now!!
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Postby Z3girl » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:48 am

Hiya - I know how u feel as I was in this situation. My dad was constantly aggressive and controlling when I was young and like your mum, my mum was unable to stick up for me and my sister. This also caused me to believe that his behaviour was normal and that all dads were like this - now im a grown woman of 27 I realise how wrong he was, but can also understand that pressure he felt raising a family and having his own business..... But still I think he was out of order a LOT of the time.

I use to hate going home from school and would Dread (and I mean dread) what mood he was going to be in and what would happen that evening.....or what I was in trouble for...I remember I got a slap round the face once for forgetting my umbrella, when I had been out doing my paper round, when it had rained - and thats just 1 example of how it was.... so as u can see I get what u mean....

If I was you I would have a chat about this with your mum and tell her exactly what you have said on here. Ask her why she is unable to stick up for herself and you and your sister??? Tell her how it is making you feel and that you are prepared as she might be brain washed and not agree with you at this moment in time and she may be to scared to even tell you how she really feels....

In the end my mum left my dad and that was 5 years ago... all of us moved out including my brother . My dad lives in that house on his own now.... He has since changed alot and I now do actually get on with my dad now as there is a good side to him...but could not live with him again.....

I hope for you that your dad learns to control his behavaiour and to back off from you...I dont know how old you are but you can always go and talk to your doctor and they can give you people to go to for professional advise!!

Good luck and your not alone on this one!!!! :grouphug: x
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