my dad has a major drink problem and is risking his job.

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my dad has a major drink problem and is risking his job.

Postby boi » Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:37 pm

Hi all, Ive discovered a problem at home. It started ages ago. (7 years ago). My mum left my dad and my dad started to drink. Me and my sister thought it was just a few drinks each night to start with. Then we noticed it was getting regular to the point where he stopped eating properly and only drank. We spoke to him about this, and thought we got through to him. We thought things were ok, but now a year later we've found out hes been hiding it. Now ive just found a letter (dated a few weeks ago) saying, My dad has been suspended from work for a month due to drinking all the time. They've offered him help and he said no.

Sorry its a long story.
But now me and my sister dont know what to do. We know we cant help him unless he wants help. but as far as he is concerened there is no problem. we've rowed but he still insists its ok.

Help please were out of ideas.

Many thanks boi!
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Postby morris mouse » Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:20 pm

boi wrote: We know we cant help him unless he wants help. but as far as he is concerened there is no problem.


I was really sad to hear that your dad has a problem with alcohol :(
I'm sure that you've found out,this can,if not treated,take over the
whole of a persons life.

Sadly,in the case of your dad,this is exactly what has happened. :(
So,what can you do about it??

You've tried talking to him,& that doesn't work. Also,you'll already
know,that,the problem is now far worse,as your dad is missing meals.

Further,(and I'm sure it was quite a shock) you're dad has been
suspended from work,as a result of his drinking.

I'd like to be honest with you and say that things have got as bad as
they can get. :o (I know you said that you can't do anything till you're
dad wants help,but you'll have to do it for him,I'm afraid!! )

Contact his employers,and see what information you can find there.
Also,contact you're local GP. I wish you all the best with what is not
an easy task.
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Postby bellpoole » Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:43 pm

Hi well i'm in the same situation as you. My dads an alcholic.
Unfortunately unless your dad accepts help hes not gonna get it. I've tried everything I can think of but with no joy.
The GP won't discuss his condition and also ringing his employer will just let them know there is a big problem and perhaps lead to him getting the sack. Employers do not have to keep him.
It does fel like you're hitting your head against a wall.
Sorry its dome and gloom but its an honest answer. All I will say is don't let him blag you let him know you know the score and won't be made a fool of.
you'll know what i mean
Good luck
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