Family fall out

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Family fall out

Postby kirstyhel23 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:49 am

About 5 years ago my mum and dad split up. They remained friends for various reasons and they both have different partners now. My dad still comes to family tea on a sunday which is usually at my mums parents house, this has been a tradition since I can remember. Recently my mum started inviting us to her house on a saturday, at first we thought it was a one off and then quickly realised that she wanted to do this every week as she wan't coming to tea on a sunday anymore. My grandad said to my mum that he didnt like saturdays as we all various other commitments. The following monday when my mum dropped my 3 year old brother off with my grandparents (they babysit while she works full time) she wasn't speaking to my nan! It turned out that she was upset because nobody had discussed tea on a saturday with her (despite she not discussing the change with us) and she also thought that my dad was taking advantage of my grandparents ( He isn't). My mum also fell out with my other brother beacause he failed to reply to a text message she sent him! All of this has coincidently happened since my dad gave my mum half of the endowment money they were due (she had been asking about the money for months). At the moment I am the only member of our family that she is speaking to and I feel she is waiting for an excuse to fall out with me too! I haven't discussed any of this because she is in the mindset that everyone is ganging up on her and taking dads side which we aren't! I dont want her to fall out with me ad with christmas looming I want to be able to fix this problem before she estranges herself anymore!!!!
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Re: Family fall out

Postby Bel Bel » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:33 pm

So everyone has fallen out with her because she wants tea on a different day?
Why doesn't she want to do sunday anymore?
You don't have to get involved with everyone elses battles with her. Tell her you don't wish to get involved if she says anything.
You can't really sort this out unless you wnat to become a go between and that may end up with you being the bad guy to everyone
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