what can be done?

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what can be done?

Post by rocker » Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:02 pm

these are some of the things my son has endured over the years,it is a good father who would not walk away

he is not allowed

to have a newspaper because of women in it
to take his children swimming because of other women in the pool
take his son to football because other mothers are there
have calls or text to his phone apart from his mother
which is frowned upon
take them to parties because other mothers are there
watch a dvd unless she has gone through it first
when i took them all to spain my wife and i took them to the beach my son was not allowed because of other women on the beach
a trip to the water park turned into a swearing tantrum because
of other women in bikinis,now it is my wife and i who take them on holiday on our own

he cannot go out for a drink with his friends or his father without having his clothes soiled
or ripped prior to leaving the house and not being spoke to or abused cruelly or physically for weeks
to the point where he no longer bothers

the link is to a forum in which she herself admits she has a problem but will not seek help even with our full backing,the answer is like all the others she gives,you will never see the grandchildren again

(this will be shown when the time is right)

although she does'nt work she does not clean or do any housework that is left for my son when he has finished work
even i have had to go and do it, (without him knowing,) food and allsorts just left on the floor until he comes home,and now she has a dog(picture of dogshit on kitchen floor taken at 11 45 another taken at 16 00 same pile)

she has thrown boiling water,hot oil, knives and anything else you can think of at him
he has called police on several occasions to her which have been logged at police station
and put forward to social services

does she love the children? i have seen a cruel side no mother should use

has anyone seen a so called mother kick a 4y old,throw shoes at a 7y old,hold a knife to my son while i have two children crying in my arms,destroy their toys,throw them away,ransack the daughters bedroom because she could'nt find her handbag,send them to school without things because she cant be bothered with them.on occasions when i have taken them i have taken them to my house first to try tidy them up,or usually my 78 y old mother does it as she normally takes them to school because she wont,if my son is home they will be immaculate but like most fathers he has to work

if she left would she take the children? yes for one reason only,that would be to hurt as many people as possible

do you know any mother who does not kiss their children when going or returning from
school or anywhere else,does not tuck them in bed and kiss them good night or read a story

does she wonder why they love daddy and not her,ask them, kids are not daft,they hate her and tell us often,along with other stories of her behaviour

she has mentioned online she is not spending a lot on kids presents this year why?
because she needs ££££s to do her thing
police and social workers have advised to write down, record and report to them these
incidents which believe me are terrifying when you think it is front
of the children

she can have her facebook account to put her story on but my son is not allowed,

she can watch whatever she wants my son cant unless she has seen it first

i even went behind my wifes back to get her a loan(for something that she wanted or threatened to leave) the rest of it came from a source i will reveal (again when the time is right)
yes this is the same person who put on her status
"watching dispatches i hate people who lie to ..................

there are many more some of which i dare not put down

he is a great partner and most of all father which is why he stays and puts up with it all,the children are so loved by daddy,but her main weapon is to be able to take the children away from him

what can be done?

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Re: what can be done?

Post by snail » Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:10 pm

Hello Rocker and welcome to the forum :)

Your post is rather cryptic - it would help people advise if you state things more clearly. After reading it through, it appears that you are the grandfather, and that your son has severe problems with his wife, but stays because he is afraid he will not have access to the children if he leaves?

I would agree with the police and social services - document every incident thoroughly and gather as much evidence as you can. Remember that judges are not stupid, and will not award custody if the mother is clearly unfit. And once the children are old enough to clearly state what they want they will be allowed to live with whichever parent they chose anyway.

There are other people on here with children who can probably advise you better. Please do NOT post personal pictures on here of someone's house without their consent, and do not post links to other forums where the wife is posting - the people on here cannot arbitrate, all they can do is advise you based on what you say.
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Just Landed
Just Landed
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Re: what can be done?

Post by rocker » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:55 pm

thanks for advice i will heed your comments, i know it was not very well put but just looking for any type of reply to a grim situation
many thanks

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