Should i ask him to talk to his parents

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Should i ask him to talk to his parents

Post by saramidnite » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:19 am


I was wondering if any one could give me sone advice. Ive been with my bf for 8 years. I am very happy
I know things havent always been easy due to illness or me being bullied at my last job.

He told me at the begining i was the only girl he wanted to marry and have kids with. Showered me with compliments. We are well passed the honey moon phaze and rose tinted glasses. But we are still very happy.

So after 3years he said he didnt want kids. Which left me in limbo.
But i love him. Want to be with him. I have a low chance of having kids any way. So accepted we wouldnt have kids.

Yes it has been hard. More so lately. His young brother became a dad last year and three other family member's became parents.

My bf parents face lit up yesterday as their grandson visited them while they baby sat him with my help.
And his mum keeps showing me photos of the baby.

I love his nephew and my bf's his parents.

Would it be wrong to ask my bf to tell his patents he dont want children so they are not constanly showing me picture or talking about babies.

His mum yesterday started talking to a stranger about her baby as we passed her car. I just felt sad. It happening more often. Im not sure if she hoping for another grand child.

Apart from this i get on great with his parents And i do adore my nephews.

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Re: Should i ask him to talk to his parents

Post by snail » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:17 pm

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to ask him to make it clear to them how he feels. He probably doesn't want to broach the subject because he knows they'll disapprove of his choice, but he should have the courage to admit his position. Of course, it doesn't mean his parents will necessarily stop showing you baby pictures - people who aren't affected by that issue doesn't usually think of those sort of things. But it will probably help.

Has he given you a good reason why he changed his mind in that way and accepted how it will affect you? You shouldn't be facing this issue without his support.
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