I just can't get over it...

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I just can't get over it...

Postby paris » Tue May 13, 2003 2:51 pm

Hi. I really need some help..advise..please.

i had an infatuation with an older male for about 5 years. At first it was fairly mild but the last two years it became obsessive and i thought of nothing else except him. I saw him most days of the week and by the last two years we got on really well.
He is a popular man and normally only seems to associate with the popular people and i always felt very flattered he would talk to me. at first i tried to pretend to hate him, so i wouldn't let my real feelings slip but as time went on i realised this was a stupid tactic and decided to make an effort around him.
After five years i had to move house and because id had about 6 monthes notice of the new move i was able to put in extra effort for out "last ever meetings". With moving to a whole new town i knew i had to get over him and i had no doubt i would.
WELL, i went back to my home town at xmas and decided to go and say hello, i did but it was brief and we only spoke for no more than five minutes. I was gutted. As i left i knew i couldn't leave it at that. I became very sad and felt i'd never meet anyone like him again. I then used the fact i had a wedding at easter to go back home to as an excuse to visit him again....i spent the last 5 monthes obsessively waiting for this visit. I went to the gym more, ate more healthy, i'd even go shopping and think "oh that'll look nice for our meeting".
Now i've met him and it was lovely, he was his old charming self but hes moving to a new job soon and i don't know how i'm going to cope knowing i'll never be able to go back and visit him. he is going to be moving on to a whole new life and probably forget me, but i'm back to my same old life. I'm due to go to uni but not for another year, but thats the only place i can imagine going to get over him, which means i've got a year ahead of me of complete torture...

Please help me!!!!!!!!!how will i cope? how i can i ever meet anyone who makes me this happy and gets me this excited about one tiny meeting!!????
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Postby Aldo » Tue May 13, 2003 10:54 pm

what is it you want? a relationship? if so then ask him out already. Why don't you just ask to keep in touch, email or something?

In a sense yes, your obsession is a bit worrying, again this relates to what you want. If you're after a relationship then that explains it, however if you're just craving to see him for no real reason then maybe it would be best to just avoid him and maybe it is best he was moving.
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