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help- family and money!

Postby samsim » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:10 am

ok so, before i met my new wife, she let her sister buy things out of a catalouge. the amount just over a thousand pound, the problem is, this was just before i met her and when we got together and got a house ect... all our money/bills got pooled into one.
Her sister still hasnt paid her back, and now were paying £40 A month towards the catalouge bill, this resulted in us paying around 8-900 from our bank, this took it to just over £2000. Her sister (my sister in law|) then paid £900 which we put straight back into the joint account, (because thats were we had taken it from to pay the bills for her) soooooooooooo the point of this is, now her sister has turned around and said she refuses to pay anymore, that there's nothing we can do because we cant prove she spent it.
Im furious! i cant believe i had a sister in law so evil that she would do this. In the past year we bought our first house and got married, we are completely pennyless and she knows this. We both work HARD and i study also. She sits on her backside and claims benefits. Im so angry at her because she wont pay it back, each time we ask her she starts saying she's going to have a nervous break down again.
So were stuck paying off just over a thousand pound of her debt.
So my point being.... i cant bear to talk to her anymore or talk about her, this being hard because no matter what she is still my mother in law's daughter, but i daydream about seeing her in the street and telling her to chuck off which starts a big family arguement, im not sure if i actually want this to happen or not.
So any advice? should i refuse to talk to her again and have her at any family function we hold? (which there is one coming up)
And does any one know how we can get the money or stop paying off her debt?? legally because the catalouge is in my wife's name is there anything we can do?
Thanks in advance and sorry for the lenghty post
Me x
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Postby Bel Bel » Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:32 pm

When you have a catlogue you buy things but sometimes get them for otehr people, catlaogues know this
You ring them up tell them all the itenms which were hers and say she is refusing to pay
They should then chase the debt from her and remove it from your account
I was confused about the £2000, £800-£900 bit however??????
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Postby samsim » Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:02 pm

ok she bought £1100 worth of things out of the catalouge, she didnt pay so interest got added and a bill for £40 came each month, we paid it, so adding up all the money from the catalouge and all the money we paid it totalled £2000; she gave us £900 towards the bill, so we put it into our back account, so she now owes £1100.
does that make more sense?!! lol
and would the catalouge really be okay, when she bought the things she didnt tell the catalouge it was for someone else
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Postby tomas' » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:58 am

Hi!, i wanted to tell you that i can't believe what i've just read about your sister in-law, so, here i am, trying to help you as much as i can. If i were you, i would try to prove that she used the things she bought, so in that case, you will be able to show the catalogue that it really was for someone else. And once the catalogue knows who the things were for, you should, as the other guy said, try to create an account on her name (i guess you have enough information about her to do so).
If all of this doesn't work, in order to get the money you owe, you should try selling things you don't use anymore on internet (i really recommend doing so), because, perhaps, someone else may want them. It'll be even better if the things you are going to sell aren't yours but hers....i'm just joking!
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