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fallen 4 my brother inlaw

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:09 am
by marie2303
oops! well i couldnt be happier rgt now ,those of u who av read my situ n sort of understand it well now somethings happened n we dont feel guilty at all im sooo happy bwt it i cant even feel bad bwt it ive wantedthis 4 so long [n it certainly is worth it :lol: ]now im,? well wat can i say woo hoo sorry but the only thing i feel bad bwt is the fact that i know its wrong,but now that weve done this i av nothing to regret in life on this matter even if it goes wrong atleast were givin it ago n i have no expectations at all im not seeing it as were guna be together 4eva n every1s guna be happy 4 us that would be very naive of me,rgt now what they dont know wont hurt them n we have no intentions of lettin ny1 find out,x x

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