what should i do about this woman

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what should i do about this woman

Postby annoyedfella » Wed Jun 11, 2003 4:01 pm

Just before I left college in 1993 I met a girl who I went out with for about 3 and a half years, until in early to mid 1996 she passed away after a blood clot on her brain. In the middle of 1997 I started seeing a girl who I'd been to school with and new very well, that finished after she was offered a job abroad in 1999. In late 2000 I went out with a woman from where I work, however she was only in the relationship for herself and I finished it after realising I was being used. The point i'm making is that i've never had to go and talk to someone or ask someone out who i didnt already know.
About 2 years ago whilst out on the town with some friends I noticed a very attractive woman, who was looking at me at the time, this wasnt anything unusual except that she kept looking over and when we left to go to a local club she was there and it continued there also. I had not long broken up with someone who was using me and really just wanted to go out with friends and have a good time, I didnt want to get involved with someone. I continued to go out most weekends with friends, usually to the same place, and continued to see this woman each time. There was an obvious attraction between the two of us, most people with me noticed it and it seemed like her friends could see it also. Im quite a shy person when it comes to introductions etc and although i really wanted to speak to her I couldnt for several reasons. This went on for about 6-7 weeks and each time i shyed away although I couldnt keep my eyes off of her and she couldnt keep her eyes off me. I was asked to go to Sweden to work for 2 weeks and when i returned and went out, she wasnt out. I asked someone who knew her and they said that she was now seeing someone. At the time I didnt know her name,age or where she worked and it was only by chance that I saw her at her work as i went past several months later, she saw me and then turned away quickly. We have never spoken to each other and I still go out but dont see her. I still see her almost 2 years later at her work as I go past every now and again and still cant take my mind away from her, She may be engaged or living with someone or even married, she could even be single now I dont know.
On one hand I think to myself forget her and move on, but on the other hand I think no i cant and i want to ask her out.
What should I do forget or not and how would I go about asking her out anyway, Please help its driving me mad.
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Postby Mr.L » Wed Jun 11, 2003 4:06 pm

well erm "you snooze you lose" comes to mind but leave it for now and talk to her and be friends. dont ask her out because shes got a boyfriend but become her friends and if they break up see whats happens.
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Postby stressed » Fri Jun 13, 2003 8:52 am

i agree with mr L become her friend and if you go for a drink a few times if she is seeing this man still then shes bound to bring him along sometime obvouisly not straight away but at sum point she will, i no i would so you wouldnt get the wrong idea. wen you meet up with her jus casually ask if shes seeing anyone if she is jus ask her questions about him so it makes her think your a caring person im a girl myself and i no i would never have the decentcy to lead any1 on and i dont thin she would. just pluck up the courage and walk into her work and ask her if shed like to go out for a drink sometime if she says yes then thats great but if she says no move on with your life theres plenty other atractive women out there.

Good Luck!!! :lol: please let me no how you get on
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