Lodger problem

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Lodger problem

Post by malibu83 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:44 pm

Hi i am currently letting out rooms in my house due to financial problems, however one lodger is causing me alot of grief.
The first day he came to view the house he was very friendly and seems completely normal so i ending up offering him a room i hadnt even intended in letting at a reduced rate as he mentioned money was tight. The next night he moved in and i told him after thinking about things fully i would prefer if his stay was short term as i was concerned maybe there would be too many people in the house and he asked if he could stay for a week as he was having problems with his family and had nowhere else to go that he would be sleeping in his car otherwise, so i agreed.
First few days everything was fine he was chatty, friendly with the other lodgers in the house, fairly tidy and was constantly petting my cats and letting them into his room to play. Everything was fine until one morning he mentioned someone was talking to the cats at 12:30 at night although i know he only went to bed only a few mins before that as he was downstairs watching tv... so i am unsure how that disturbed him after that he began ignoring me and the others in the house he would only give yes or no answers the odd time but said roughly until he moved out apparently to stay with relatives for xmas however later the same evening i received a text asking could he stay just 2 more weeks. I was running out of money myself for christmas and he apologised in text for messing me around etc thought i decided 2 weeks would be no harm... he arrived back was friendly that night and apologetic.
The next day he was back to usual unfriendly self and began not cleaning up after himself... i left the house for only a few mins and came back to find my clothes taken out of the dryer and just thrown on a dirty countertop and i dont think the programme was even finished, he keeps clogging the toilets and everytime its just massive wads of toilet paper caught in it... he started locking his room even if he has 2 leave the room to use the toilet he locks his bedroom door first. anytime i leave the house i come back to the house being seriously messed up and dirty the heating on blearing that the house is so hot the other lodgers complain, tvs radios etc left on with volume way up. He wont talk to me or anyone else and he is meant to be staying another week i dont know what to do as im actually afraid to tell him to go as i believe if he is treating me like this and i believe i have done nothing wrong what would happen if i ask him to go... nobody wants him here with the way he is treating us and the house...

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Re: Lodger problem

Post by retrochav » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:14 pm

There isnt an easy way out of this.

You will have to have the other lodgers nearby, but perhaps not in the same room. They may need to be ready to seek help or intervene. That said it is a discussion only you can take charge of and respecting his feelings by saying it one to one would help. If you dont feel that the other lodgers could intervene, then have a trusted friend at the ready in the next room.

Tell him that this isnt working out. There is no need to go into chapter and verse, just state clearly that his behaviour isnt acceptable and you arent prepared to continue the arrangement. Now he will either get defensive, in which case try to remain calm and say that its not him personally, but the arrangement doesnt work. Else he may try the sympathy vote, in which case you must stay strong and say that its not going to work, he has your sympathy but you have to consider other people in the house and its not working.

Here is the flash point. He may start playing the "i know my rights" card. He doesnt have any in this situation. If he signed a tenancy agreement, there are usually grounds for ending the arrangement if either side doesnt behave responsibly. Assured shorthold tenancies, which would be the most that could be expected, offer very little protection, either private message me if you have arranged this or post again for advice. Otherwise its a casual arrangement if he is just a lodger.

He might turn aggressive or lock himself in the bedroom. Call the police in either situation for advice. They may try to say its a civil matter, but if there is a threat of violence they will eject him.

This is looking way into the worst case scenarios, there is more chance that a threat of the police will send him off.

We simply wont know until you put him straight. Good luck
whatever your problem someone else has been there and bears the scars.

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