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not quite a boyfriend - what to do

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:35 pm
by Raven
There's this guy who showed an interest in me and we've been out a few times (although you can hardly class them as dates) and we've kissed, and hugged etc and he's so into me but I feel bad because I don't even know if I 'properly' fancy him. I do like him, but I'm wondering do I just like him because he likes me so much? This is the first time a guy has really fancied me and I had my first kiss with him and I'm totally confused. Shall I just give him a chance?
Also, this is a bit unrelated but when we've been together kissing and hugging I am quite shakey - at first I thought it was alcohol but it wasn't,. I do it when I'm sober. Is there something up with me or is it just a mixture of excitement/nervousness? Whatever it is it can't go on!