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Feel so lost.

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 8:43 am
by savanah64

Hi, Where do I start 2 yearsv ago I met someone you was really nice.

We live 70 miles away from one another we used to take it in turns to visit one another t the weekends. I've have 2 children.

After a few months He asked me to move in with him.

My children loved it here so after much soul-searching we decided to do it.

I got a job here. sorted schools out and all was great.

And then after one month he decided he was still in love with his Ex, Hit me and I had to find myself a new place to live. A rented House. V.nice but the Rent is Horrendous.

So now the children are settled got loads of new good friends.

But i feel lost alone and still can't settle.

We moved from a small Town to a City. And I'm so lost, and lonely.