Really shy around women, except when I dress up as one!

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Really shy around women, except when I dress up as one!

Postby LL » Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:44 pm

ok well i am the most singlest man alive
a 23 year olf virgin
see i told u i was the singlest man alive, well i am very shy, i try not to be well infact i aint that shy, i can strip dance on stage an pretty much make my self look lieka tit for a laff, but when it comes to women i am really really really really really really really really really really shy around women, i aint the best looker i also have a chunky ass but i am incredibly funny. ok so im blowin my own horn a lil bit there.
well even when i drunk i cant go up to women i to shy, but it was recently my 23rd b day an for a laff we put punk make up on me the full works i had lippy, blusher, eye liner an other stuff. hey im a dude i dont know what all make up is called lol.
well that nite i was a pullin machine, there was women every were ok i uny kissed one, but it was me iniating the conversation which was great but im never like that
it was the make up
it gave me like a protection thing that protected me from bein shy
i have tried to colour my hair at the moment its silver with black lightening streaks down the side
that did do any thin i still shy
so ppl how can i be shy with out wearin make up
an i tried just wearina lil an that didnt work lol
oi dont wanan be shy, im gettin lonely an it beginin to hurt
i really did lookvery pretty wid make up on an i have the pics to prove it lol
i dont wanan be shy, what can i do
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Postby Jo » Sat Mar 08, 2003 4:31 am


I totally know where you are coming from with the makeup thing. I wouldn't set foot out of the house without some slap on. If I did go out without it I'd be looking at the floor all the time.

If you are only shy around women it might be worth asking yourself why. Perhaps you need to force yourself to get to know more women, that's the only way you'll get used to them! And try not to see every woman you meet as a potential girlfriend - you're going to feel paranoid as hell around women if you see them all as potential girlfriends.

The secret is that there is no secret! Just learn to see women as other human beings, just like you, not a separate species who can strike fear into your heart. Talk to them, be friendly, treat them with respect. Just be your normal funny self! Women respond to honesty, fun and confidence.

I reckon that you should sit down and really question how you view women, challenge what you think, try to work out what exactly it is that makes you feel so shy around them. Is it because you think of them all as potential girlfriends? Is it because you havn't had much contact with women on a day to day basis? Do you see them as being somehow special, fragile or dangerous? Which one is it?

Perhaps it would help to start socialising with women - just as mates. That way you would see that they are just ordinary people who fart and pick their noses, just like blokes! Nothing to be shy of at all! I should know, because I am one, and I pick my nose all the time! :lol:
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Postby LL » Sat Mar 08, 2003 5:14 pm

well to be honest most ppl will think this is kinda big headed of me
but well i have been told i tend to speak down to ppl an that i have a superiority complex, well i dont think i am as bad as ppl tell me but its probably true
i sometimes feel that no one is good enuff for me so why try

i also been rejected alot to an i dont liek that who does

all my best mates are girls
i make a great friend i been told lol

an i dont wanna make the same mistakes as i have done in the past

i fell for my best mate an i didnt even look at another girl for 5 years an she said she only seen me as a great friend an that i am like a brother to her an well now she hates me, it was the only way i could get outa that relationship (its a very complicated story)
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Postby danielle » Mon Mar 10, 2003 11:28 am

well we ent going no where so why dont you explain everythink to us
and a little advice to for you when you are talking to women pretend that they are just your mates instead of seing them as relationship maybes .
i hope this helps you but
you need to be friends to have a relationship
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well then

Postby LL » Fri Mar 21, 2003 2:47 pm

i never had a real girlfriend
no girl has ever come on to me to my knowledge an if they have i didnt relise an they never did it again if they ever did
i try not to be shy around women but if i do i end up makin a ass of my self
which i enjoy cuz i have a laff but then the girls well u know how would u all think if u seen some one dancin around with his pants round his ankles an wearin pink make up
i aint the best looker i know this
i even have a chunky ass an a belly
but there are loads more ppl who r worse lookin an more fat than me but they seem to be ok
an come on u have to think its a lil wierd for a 23 year old to never of had a real gf an who is also a virgin, its not like i savin my self the time has never arose
it makes me feel unwanted
ppl say it will happen when i just stop thinkin about it
but i have tried i go out with mates just to have a good time which i do
i always have a good time but when the nite is over an done with im still depressed an lonley and feel unwanted
there is this girl i like but i already tried i ask, she said no ok she a lil different she gave me a normal reason for sayin no
she is a lesbien, ok i already knew she a lesbien but i still liked her
an when i sometimes do get brave which isnt very often the reply is
i like u but as a friend only an dont want to ruin the friendship
i must make a great friend if thats the only answer i get
i think it be easier if they gave me a real reason but like i said i am shy so it dont happen much
every one around me is coupling up an it sux even on tell even in bleedin cartoons i cant get away from it
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