My sister is a liar and ruining her life

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My sister is a liar and ruining her life

Postby undying2006 » Fri Apr 07, 2006 6:06 pm

i have a 16yrold sister.
she is in her final year at school but hasnt told her boyfriend that so if my cousin or any one else brings it up in front of him i am expected to lie.

he knows she is 16 but was told she is doing an adult course in a secondary school that does full time adults courses too. i know some schools do.

but it a nightmare i feel bad for lyin. she had to admit when they first met about her lying about her age as she told him she was 17.
he wasnt happy as he is 23 but he forgave her.

if that wasnt bad enough she is two months behind her school work.
she was in hospital for a while. it wouldnt be so bad if it was januray but her exams are soon and she to hand in her school work before the exams as some work is part of the exam.

she spends two days after school with him and friday to sund with him.if he knew he would be angry she lied but at least he would incourage her to do her school work.
i cant tell him as she hate me but at the same time she should do her studies.
she use to get As and got mad with her self if she got a B onstead. she is very clever but now i am worried she fail her stuidies. she wants to go college and uni but she wont with no grades.
my dad doesnt care and my mum never calls my sister any more.

i think her boyfrind and her are great to gether but they should also think about her studies.

she is also tryng to get pregant. she does a test every week.
i am at my wits end over this.
we even feel out because her home is a tip and i am tried of cleaning up after her and my dad that is why i moved out.
and today i found her boyfriend cleaning her home as she couldnt be bothered and he wasnt happy as the place is so dirty you cant see the floor.

and she is angry with me for telling her to do her own cleanlying as it wasnt fair on him. h made it clear he wasnt happy as he kept asking me questions about why it is so dirty.
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Postby Squidge » Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:16 am

It's great that you care about your sister so much, but all her lying must drive you mad.

Lying about who you are is never a good plan, you realy should advise your sister to tell her boyfriend the truth about herself, as he'll find out anyway.

You should also advise her to consentrate on her schoolwork reather than getting pregnant as in the long term this is far better for her
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Postby undying2006 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 5:11 pm

i have spoken to her but she has gotten worest.

my cousin told her not to have a baby yet as she had a baby when she was 17 and found it difficult as the guy left her and married some one else.
mysister told my cousin that she would make a better mum then her because her byfriend would be there un like her ex.

she is constandly lying or hurting people even my cousin has given up helping her now after her coment.

she wont listern, when i try to help her or talk she walks off as she doent want to listern.
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Postby Lil_Angel_Gal » Mon Apr 24, 2006 1:40 pm

it is great showing how much you care for her but she needs to understand that if she wants the relenship to work she needs to tell him , as for the baby thing i am shocked i am 18 and right now i couldn't see myself trying for a baby. i think if you have spoke to her you have done as much as you can maybe you should let her know that in the long wrong this could turn out bad , e.g : if she did get pregnent and he found out he might leave her..then she would be on her own with a baby

your a great sister

good luck
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Postby undying2006 » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:13 pm


i deciede to support her if she lot me she just seams to wnat to upset me at the moment.

firstly she told my ex treated me badly but would her because he is indian and she has a darker skin compliction then me as i have my mum pale skin where she has my dad so she dark.

and then told me the guy i sort of dating is going to marry some one else and have kids with and nolonger be frineds with me as i dont matter to him.

he is having a tough tiem and i admit it on and off he just scared as his ex was killed and we have ups and downs as we both had unlucky pasts to deal with at times when we feel low like couples do and he scared of any thing bad happening to me.

there was no need for her to be horrible to me
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