He treats them like rubbish

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He treats them like rubbish

Postby Brighter » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:03 pm

Well my problem is, that my brother treats my parents like utter c**p and then he asks for money and they quickly hand it over.
It really annoys me and my other sibling, because we are really nice to mum and dad and then we have to nearly beg for money.
Not only does my brother treat them like rubbish, he was kicked out of one of the best colleges in the country, he's been driving for about a year and is already had the maximum points hes allowed, so he'll get his licence taken away, (and i bet my mum will give him lifts where ever he wants at whatever time he wants) he's a complete and utter slob, he's making me and my sibling and my parents look stupid!

Mum and dad think that he's still god's gift to the whole world, and i know theres unconditional love and everything, but seriously, they must be really blind to not see how he treats them.
He shouts at my mum for no reason at all, and then he calls my dad names and then he asks them to do all these things for him, and if they dont he'll get really annoyed and go into a sulk (btw he's 19)

Im just so annoyed that they keep bailing him out, he'll never learn if they keep giving him money, how can i make them see that he's stringing them along, and treating them like trash?

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Postby PurePurple » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:30 pm

Hey BiChemical, If your brother acts like that how can your parents not notice?!

I think to be honest your parents are afraid of him slightly. I think he needs to know the difference between right and wrong, Maybe get the whole family to sit and talk about what needs to be happening in and outside of the household.

If he's 19, He should be old enough to earn money for himself, instead of your parents bailing him out. Also, They certainly shouldnt be giving him lifts, its his own problem if he got too many points.

I think, the best thing to do, is tell your parents how you and your sibling feels about his behaviour, and dont hold anything back. I think theyre just taking it from your brother's point of view, and what he thinks. So tell them what you really feel.

If you don't feel it is happening, and your parents arent taking you seriously, dont give up, I know you and your family can sort this.
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