Did my brother steal from me?

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Did my brother steal from me?

Postby piper1692 » Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:15 pm

My dad died in January 06 and I didn't go to the funeral, which I regret now. My half brother, my dad's kid from a previous marriage, hated my mum and nan and banned them from attending. I've never been close to my paternal relatives, so I didn't want a load of virtual strangers trying to act like family, when I didn't feel like they were. So I didn't go, and I cry about that decision all the time. My brother seemed okay with my reason for not going, but until just before my 15th birthday (January 07) I found out he and my grandfather had cleared out my dad's house! He'd taken all my things and refused to even acknowledge me. I'm sure this is because I didn't go to the funeral. Anyway, my grandad salvaged some little trinkets for me, which I'm grateful for. But I only have one picture of my dad and I really want a few more. My brother lives closeby, but I don't want to drag it all up again, as it angers my stepdad and upsets my mum because my half brother once held her arms behind her back while his girlfriend at the time punched her in the face. Plus, I'm doing my GCSEs and I feel like I'm finally getting back on track. What should I do?
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Re: Did my brother steal from me?

Postby retrochav » Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:45 am

I would suggest concentrating on your GCSE's for the momment because any father would have wanted this for his child. Your mum would also want you to have the best chance in life.

Once this is dealt with, you have time to plan where you want to go. Your paternal grandad seems to be more reasonable out of the two. Why not write and ask if he could make some copies of photos he has of your dad. Better still, maybe visit him and try to build bridges.

If there are reasons why this isnt an option, you could visit the graveside or place where the ashes are scattered. Above all, you carry the memories of your dad in your heart, and that is worth more than any object you could be in possesssion of.

Have you considered bearevment counselling to make sense of your feelings? Cruise are really good to talk to as they have volunteers who have been through a loss like yours and can help you to talk in a confidential way to explore how you feel.
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Postby Teenspirit » Thu May 31, 2007 12:34 pm

It seems a little sad that you dont get on with your family.

My Dads side of the family are very large he had 13 bro's n Sisters but I do not see them due to some very bad stuff in the past.

Anyway my mums family is very small n I feel sad that there are so few of us. I ma very close to my family but only since 1998 when my mum was diagnosed with Huntington's Chorea.

Me n my Mum had been at war b4 that I loved her but cause she was my mum but as soon as that test showd up positive n we realised what that meant as a family I have made up with my Mum.....

Life is too short to hold grudges....
When your a little older you'll realise that....

It is a shame you cant work things out but if youcan keep a relationship going with your Mum and Grandad....

Good luck with the GCSE'S
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