How can i get through to her?

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How can i get through to her?

Postby DaydreamerBeliever » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:52 am

Since we were children my sister has always been centre of attention. Her dad left when she was a baby and the whole family felt like they had to make it up to her with extra attention and extra presents on special occasions and because she was the baby of the family that was even more reason to give her more love.
It really didn’t bother me at all whilst we were growing up as I loved her to pieces. I shared absolutley everything with her for example my toys and even my dad. I was never a jealous child and always tried to include her in everything.

My sister is a vicious, violent and spiteful person to everyone, there was no exclusion. She hit,pinched, kicked, punched etc.. I think you get the picture… Everyone always put this down to the fact that she didn’t have a dad. When she hit 18, we finally located her dad and they finally met. She had a lot to say to him and evenually told him to crawl back under the rock he came from.Thankfully he admitted to her that it was his fault our mum and him split up and I was happy this was cleared up as for years my sister had always blamed and punished our mum.

We all thought that that would help my sister to move on and finally love life.

But it didn’t.

She has a good life, a good job, a lovely boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on and will do anything for her- they are planning on getting married.

But dispite all of this she still has a stinking attitude. She hates everyone and I think this even includes herself as she self harms. She thinks the whole world owes her and thinks she has had a hard life. She slags off every single women on tv and in real life. She cant stand me and is constantly witching about me behind my back to anyone that’ll listen. She thinks my life has been a bed of roses but ive had more than my fair share of problems and im sorry to say they have been a lot more serious than what she has ever experienced and I never put my problems on my family so you can imagine how this really grates on me.
She is really violent to her boyfriend, the other day our mum had to literally pull her off of him. She was punching and slapping him. He is petrified of her. He does not deserve this at all. He cant even breathe, she is suffocating him. He was late meeting her once and was only 5 minutes late but she went absolutely mental at him.
This is causing our mum serious stress, she came to me crying the other day.
I just don’t know what to do.
When she knows im coming round she goes out. Even if she didn’t she doesn’t talk to me, I try so hard to talk and make conversation but all I get is evil looks and one word answers.
I really want to help her, I want to talk to her.
I still love her, she is my sister but she is driving everyone insane.
She will not let any one in. She is obviously suffering from some form of depression but wont go for help as she doesn’t think theres anything wrong, she thinks the world is wrong.

How can I get through to her?
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Postby Z3girl » Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:30 pm

Hiya - I would try and talk to her about it, pull her too one side and ask if shes ok as u are really worried about her...If she dont listen write her a letter...tell her u love her and want to know how to help her...thats what I would do for my sister!!!

She may open up to you and tell u how she really feels on the inside...Tell her your there for her and would like to help her....

good luck.....
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