Please help so confused.....

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Please help so confused.....

Post by Teenspirit » Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:58 pm

Hi all sorry this is long.

I am hoping you can help me as I feel very confused right now…………..

Me & my best friend K have been Bf’s for yrsssss.
Me & my partner G have been 2getha for 4yrs.

Me n K used 2 hang out with anotha gal called M wen we were in our teens. We were all pretty tight.

But M always acted like she was beta than us,
Went with all my exs (even tho she didn’t want them).
Chatted a lot of s*** about me n K.
Takes drugs lots… is selfish….
And wa svoilant 2wards me once. She just wanted 2 make her self look betta then me n K.

Basically after me n M had the fight bout 8yrs ago I decided to stay away as I no longer thought of her as a true friend.
But K stayed in contact with M until last yr they had a big row n K had, had enough.

That was that until recently they made up again. I think K mostly hangs with her cause she is single n all her pals R not. I can understand this. But I did send her an email saying that I was a little disappointed that she was friends with this girl again cause she is trouble.

Then K told me that M was casually seeing one of G’s bestfriends R.

I wasn’t happy as M as got a big mouth n will say things about me to R (which are not true) n tell G. I said to K that the quicker it was finished the betta for us all.

U c I no stuff that M does not want R knowing n I don’t want G knowing nothing bad like im a criminal just boys etc.

But if I tell G why I hate M, Then M would say stuff about me. Id rather stay away.

Then on Friday K rang my G up at 11pm asking for advice on what M should do as she is pregnant n does not know how to tell R.
I was fuming. I was so angry once K hung up I told G that next time K calls for advice for M don’t get involved.
He got angry with me n said tel k that but I was to angry to talk to her. I the end I slept in the living room that’s how mad I was.

The next day I said that I did not want K calling my G for advice for M.

1) G does not like anyone knowing his business n R will be the same especially as M
n G are strangers.
2) I do not want M calling G in the future no good can come of it. I do not trust her at all near my man.
3) I am very hurt n upset by K’s actions this is the 2nd time in 2months that she has really hurt me.
4) It is a dangerous situation to put G in cause it is not his business to tell me what is happening with M but if K calls him n I ask n he says oh she just rang then that’ll look more suspect than the truth?

K said it was her n not M that spoke to G but I said I don’t care. That I don’t expect her to understand how I feel but I do expect her to respect it. That’s how it is. The thing is my best friend knows me so well n would no how I’d have felt.
She knows that I don’t want M coming between me n G.

N the thing is G would have carried on getting involved cause he wouldn’t have understood my feelings. But what he don’t know is that by doing that it would have finished it between me and G. I can take a lot, but this is something I feel very strongly about…..

She said she was sorry and it was all her fault.

But I just feel let down again by her actions. I never would have expected this from her. She is my best friend she is one of the most important people in my life but lately it feels like she does not think of my feelings at all. I always think of hers.

This is also the first time that K does call or email my Boyfriend. And I trust them both.
But somexs I do get angry cause ill call her n get no response but then she’ll call G.
I know there is nothing going on but I do get a little para.

Am I in the right?

I am so confused any advice greatly appreciated.

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