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Finding step siblings

Postby Just Because » Sun Apr 06, 2008 10:00 pm

I have 3 half sisters, all by my dad and all by different mums. My mum and dad haven't been together for 13 years but I stayed in very close contact with my dad, so when he met someone, and had one of the step sisters, I knew all about it and have stayed in contact with her, and my step mum. I only found out about the other 2 a few years ago but me and my dad have stopped contact with each other since and dont talk anymore, although he was going to help track my half sisters down for both of our sakes. Even though we're not even full sisters, I still would really like to meet them, as one is about 17, and the eldest, so she was around before I even exsisted in dads world, and the other would have come and gone from dads life whilst he still had a really special bond with me, yet I still had no idea. I really dont know how to go about finding them when i know so little about them, just names, mums names, and estimated ages so any ideas on how to track them down would be really great. I dont know where to start in finding them, so honestly, any suggestions would be appreciated loads!

Thanks alot!
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Postby miaow » Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:39 pm

really not sure about this but am replying as no other replies. i would try google and see what services are out there. Am sure there must be organisations that can help?? I suppose its like when your trying to track back your family tree and contact ppl.

Sorry only thing i could come up with!!

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Postby all_apologies » Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:58 pm

Have you tried even something as basic as searching for them on social networking sites, or googling their names?
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Postby BEAR » Fri May 02, 2008 4:06 pm

Hi ya,

I lived with my dad from birth till 8yrs old. I have one full brother whose 24yrs old who ive always lived with and a 11yr old half sis love more then anything lives with me thats my mums side....

and on my dads i have a 33yrs old bro and a 28yrs old bro weve always known about them.
we haven't been in contact with them for 20yrs altho the older i got the more i did wonder about them but my dads side are a nasty bucnh and i didnt wnat to be back in there lives.....

then last August yr i got a letter from my bro's wanting to meet it was sureal one had lived the same are as us all his life n knew people I knew we looked very much alike....

my youngest bro n older bro were exactly alike....

its no been almost a yr and im so glad we found each other we dont speak to my 28yr old bro his got issues tried to tell me how to run my life no way mate....

my 33yr old bros amazing like my little bro his the kindest hearted man ull meet and has 4 gals (a set of twins) ...

you can use friends reunited or salvation army, 118 residental or my bro's found us by the electrol roll...

Good luck but also be aware sometimes people are not what u expect them to be
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