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Socialising with sister

Postby lights » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:20 pm


I have a younger sis about 4 year younger she is 23 & im 27. We would go out socialsing at the weekend together.

I have just one problems anytime we go out & a boy chats to me or my firends or if we bring up conservation with a boy & we are all having a good time she will add to the conservation which is great...

But if he is good looking & when no attention is directed at her she will huff ie sit on her own, let on that a joke that was said upset her so the he will ask if she is ok, let on she is v.drunk or flirt outragously inorder to get attention.

This type of childlish behavour is being to annoy everyone as it usally involves her eye up the best looking person or the person that is the funniest in the group and directing all this behaviour towards him.. she has become the biggest flirt in the group..

I can see why the girls are giving out.. last week one of my friends spent the whole night chatting up a guy for my sis to come along & take him. My friend was only chatting to him.. so my sis does not believe that she did anything wrong.. but i have notice that it has got worst... she will let the other girls do the ground work ie inital introduction & then she will act like the princeses & take their men if they are good looking or sucessful.... One of my friends has even said that my sis will let them be the clowns & she will bag the man...

I have mention this to her before but she has said that everyone was just talking & everyone had the same chance of kissing this boy... but she is such an attention seeker & flirt.. I just dont know what 2 do? But it is always the best boy in the group & she then just leaves us with his friends who we have no interest in..

This type of behaviour get worst when there is only two of us out? as she will steal the limelight & then leave you with his friend 4 whom you have no interest in??

could some one please help before I lose my friends or annoy my sister?
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Postby morris mouse » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:49 pm

"lights" I can fully understand why you feel that you could lose your friends or annoy your sister,in this situation #-o

I would say that your sister is jealous of you all,having such a
good time,that she feels that she needs to "get in there" first,before
anyone else.

One solution to the problem,could be that you would have a firm but
chat with your sister.

Then,after that has happened,you can reassure your friends that,
hopefully, it will never happen again.
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Re: Socialising with sister

Postby retrochav » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:41 pm

So much for sisterhood! Its common when a group all fancy the same person to get competative.

I agree that it is really annoying - but remeber that her methods wont always work. Some guys have little interest in girlie postering, some wont even find her attractive. She can up her antee all she likes but it wont work.

My advice would be to not take her out so much - say you need some time to be with your friends, or ensure that you go somewhere different. If she finds out, tell her that you just needed a chance to flirt without her always outshinning you.

Either that or learn her tricks and get in there first!!!
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Postby Bel Bel » Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:44 pm

i say it's a sad reflection on the guy who has his head turned so easily and I'm not sure I would wnat a guy who could be so easily distracted anyway
However I think retrochav makes a good point about a) playing her at her own game or B) going out without her
If she oans you can tell her straight whilst she might ot see the problem you and your friends do and if she doesn't think she is doing anything wrong your obviosuly not compatible as going out buddies
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