moving through the motions

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moving through the motions

Postby red.nails » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:16 pm

Me and my friend lets call her sally, go to seperate collages so we see each other every other saturday and go shopping, but when ever i see her its all about her stories or if i try to talk about something about me its like she doesnt listen or moves it round to her.

When were 13 i went out with this lad (call him Sam) for a week and he cheated on me so i ended i, she then went out with him and ended it after a while, couple of months later we got back together and were together for 7 months this is the guy i lost my virginity to. Shortly after this she came out that she was pregnant with his baby but the timings didnt match but he belived her which confused me she took 3 pregnecy tests and she said 2 were positive one negative my other friend was there and went into the tolilets after and looked and it said all 3 were negative. By this time he had wanted the child and he started bringing me into been the mother?! It started to get too much and i ended it and she said she miscarried the baby.
After this i met this guy ( call him Fred) who was his ex best friend so i didnt feel guilty and we were together 3 months i actually began to fall for him but i kissed this other guy and in confidence i told my friend Sally who made me feel so guilty and horrible that i ended it and it left me so hurt but i didnt want to tell her SHE then got with the guy! And acted lik their wasnt a problem out of spite i went out with Freds best friend Tom i didnt tell her because i didnt want anything to happen Sally then found out and freaked out, i ended it with the guy. This all ended when i was about 15 i'm now 16 and not had anyone serious in between. She has also betrayed my trust on something and told someone else who then told other peaople this actually crushed me and left me having arguments with other people, i have never been able to prove that she told but i think it was. Following things happened with that person never of which i have been able to tell people and i really wish i could because its killing me but i dont know who i can trust.

She always talks about Sam and was like i cant belive it all happened but what she doesnt seem to click with is that guy was important to me and that she has ruined some importnat things to me but we dont talk it that. I cant see a picture or anything of Frank as i feel quite scared for some reason he also now has a son that he doesnt see and he looks so much like him and there are pictures of the kid on FB reminding me everytime i look on facebook.

So when we go out together i just walk along laughing in the right places etc.
I dont want to fal out with her but i want to be able to talk to her i am getting to the point where i dont know if i can see her anymore.
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Re: moving through the motions

Postby ennis81 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:56 pm

Sorry sweetie but that girl is NOT very nice and a bad friend, I understand you've hung around together for a long time but she just seems to cause you misery and make trouble in your life, shes sounds very self centred and untrustworthy. I would cut the ties with her and develop new friendships before she causes you some real grief.
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