Who's in the right...Who's in the wrong....?

Maybe you have fallen out with your mate, or perhaps you are about to betray them - whatever it is, talk about it here.
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Who's in the right...Who's in the wrong....?

Postby Khanurani » Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:45 pm

Ok, where to start?!
I am friends with this girl Annie, who broke up with 2 other girls;Laura and Rekha , and i am friends with Laura and Rekha also.
In my presence, they get along, and once i was annoyed with Annie. Laura and Rekha took advantage of this situation, and now they say stuff about Annie to me. and i just nod my head, as in "yeah, yeah..."
obviously, i don't believe it!

Recently, Laura was hanging out and doing a project with the Annie ,Rekha got a bit jealous, and now (slyly) kicked Annie out of the dance.
and i'm trying to be friends with all of them.

recently, what has happened is that, we (meaning me and Annie )are supposed to meet Laura and Rekha for lunch, yesterday as we were going upstairs the teacher stopped us, and said you're not allowed to go up.

after that, what happened was that Laura came to me and said "can we have lunch with you?"
i said "yeah, ok."
when it was 10 minutes to lunch, i had a banging headache, and my eyelids felt proper heavy, so i walked out of the classroom, and said "you guys have dinner together I'll met you in the studio"
I ran down stairs, for a breathe of fresh air, then i felt bad because i told Laura thast i'll have dinner with you, and i ran outside, so i went to Laura, Rekha and Annie and we sat down, and had dinner.
everyone was in their own corner.I started making conversation, it was just like mono-syllable answers from them. then i realised that there was an awkward silence, i said "oh, no'one's talking!". still no'one talked.
after eating Laura and Rekha were like "lets go up to the studio, then"
i was like "ok"
so we went upstairs, as soon as we reached the room,the teachetr came out, and she said "girls can you go.I haven't even had my dinner..." i was like ok....she wants us to go. but Laura and Rekha didn't even realise that even the teahcer is getting sick of us and shooing us away, it's just embarrassing.
so the teacher says come back in ten minutes.
the Laura and Rekha then decide that they want to go downstairs, and me and the Annie say "there's a enterprise happening on this floor,wwe're going to go check it out, then we'll meet you later".
we spend approx. 3 minutes in the enterprise, then we go down, just for a stroll....after a bit we go up to the studio, and the music is on blast, and there's girls dancing, and shouting coming from the room. I've got a headache , so i say to Annie, "you go in, and if they're in there doing their act, we'll go in ."
Annie goes in, and she comes back and she says "yeah, they're sitting inside, eating crisp"
i say "are they actually doing anything?"
Annie says "no."
so i think "o...k. what's the point of us 2 going in...?"so we start waiting for our lesson on the same floor.
we are in the same lesson.meaning me and Annie ;whereas the other 2 aren't.
after that, it's next lesson. Laura, Rekha and me are in the same lesson, but Annie isn't.
before coming down to lesson, i meet up with my other friend Becky, and she says to me "have you had a tiff with Rekha and Laura? "
and i say "no.why?why do you think that?"
and then Becky was like "oh.just".
then i realsie something is going on.
i say to Becky "tell me, what is going on".
she says "oh, i was just in lesson. and rekha looked moddy and upset, then i go up to her and say, what's wrong?Is it family?rekha says nothing.then ask her is it friends? and then rekha says 'well, i thought she was...then becky says who? then rekha says "ria.we've had an argument".....
when Becky told me this, i was furious;we didn't have any argument!what had i done?!
Laura and Rekha take advantage of the teacher as she is quite lenient and try escaping from the lesson...they come upto me and say "ria, can we have a word."
i was like "ok"
we go outside then rekha and laura are exchanging looks.
then they come to me and say "look, we've got to sort summat out"
i was trying to stay calm, i say "ok, shoot"

then they say "oh, we think you don't like hanging out with us"
i was like "why do you think that?"
then them 2 go "oh, you're always avoiding us, etc.......then a whole lot of rubbish after that.
then they say "oh, you and annie have been talking about us, and gossipping."
i was like "what?! we don't talk about you!"
then laura and rekha were like "oh, it's just the way you act when we are around!"
i seriously, don't know how they got this idea.!
then we stand there for a hour, trying to work out what's going on. and then coincidently annie is passing corridors, and then rekha and laura are like "annie come here"
annie came, and then rekha just said "oh, annie. from what i see, ria's been telling you something completely different from what i wanted to say"
they are basically calling me a liar!¬
they said "oh, you're thinking of excuses, and you don't want to hang out with us"
i was like "we have no problem with you!"
then laura and rekha were like "how come you din't come yesterday to the studio?"
i told them , that we did come, and they were sitting down eating crisp.what were we supposed to do? sit down next to them, and watch them eat?!
then laura came uopto me and says "oh, but you could have asked us if it's alright for you to go away"
why do we need their permission?
is it wrong or what?
after that i was quite angry and i say to laura and rekha that "excuse me!you were the ones gossipping about me. you went and told becky this about me"
and then rekha says "no.becky wasn't leaving me alone, she kept asking me and i had to tell her."
When i came home, i called becky up and i asked her and becky says "no. i only asked rekha what was wrong twice."
so rekha has been lying!

next day, i come into school, waiting for lesson. a girl comes upto me and says "hi".
and i'm shocked because me and that girl hardly evr talk ", so i saty a fiant 'hi'. and then she was like "whats going on?"
i was like "with what?"
and she says "you and rekha and laura"
and i was like WHAT?!HOW DO YOU KNOW?!
then the girl goes, "oh, the whole school knows!"
that means laura and rekha have been talking about us behind our backs!
they've been gossipping about us.
the next lesson, i din't weant to sit next to them two.
then me aND annie move back a seat, then the girl sitting next to us says "hi,what happened?"
i said "nothing"
and she says "i heard about your and laura's break-up.
again i was like WHAT?!HOW DO YOU KNOW?!
then she says oh i heatrd that laura and rekha are fed up with you and annie.
I never heard that!

so far they're been talking behind our backs.
me and annie get up and go to a room.2 minutes later laura and rekha are in that room aswell.
we come back into the room. laura and rekha come back too.
we go out, then laura and rekha are in that room aswell!
if this sin't stalking, i don't know what it is!
I;m guessing that they are trying to gain sympathy. and are they real friends, if they doubted us in the first place?

what should i do??????????????????????//
Please help me!

Before you help me,let me just tell you about their characters.
Annie -she's quite and very patient. she always does the right thing. Never gossips, never backbites, any of the thingsShe's obsessed with rock music.
Laura -She's one of those girls. Small freckles, redhead, looking all quite. is a very BIG dramaqueen.Loves rock as well. likes animals. Can be a cow, when she want sto. as she's all quite, she takes it to her advantage, thats shes small, and timid.
Rekha -Selfish, sly, always plotting. coniving.likes to be incharge. Hates it when anyone else talks to Laura. Acts like Laura's mom, and is a "I'm not always right;IM JUST NEVER WRONG" type of girl. VERY VERY manipulative. BIG BIG BIG BIG Dramaqueen (also is taking drama as a GCSE.)

What should id do?
Should i stuill be friends??????????????????
Please let me know..........
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Re: Who's in the right...Who's in the wrong....?

Postby captainf » Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:00 pm

If I was you i'd leave Rekha and Laura to it. They are not friends and are trying to cause trouble.
Ignore them and eventually they'll go away.
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