Weddings - who'd ave em :(

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Weddings - who'd ave em :(

Postby lohang » Thu May 27, 2010 4:43 pm


At the weekend I went to a friend's wedding, after the usual copious amounts of alcohol associated with occassions a couple of things happened;

1) Early evening - Bride goes upto her sister who was a bridesmaid, I was at the bar a short distance 10 meters tops, anyway Bride calls me over to her and her sister who were talking on the dance floor the Bride ask's me to dance with her sister, my drink was just a bottle of beer so got there within seconds of 2 at which point bride is whispering to her sister "yeah **** will dance with you, he's a total pervert but you'll be fine" I know this because I was virtually stood next to her, I looked at her with complete disgust told her exactly what I heard her say and walked off. Nice to see that a "friend" of god knows how many years has this opinion of me, I got quite upset by this because believe it or not some blokes actually have feelings. I tried to use some rationale and came to the part-decision that what she actually meant to say that I am a bit flirtatious but now I really cannot be sure.

2) At the end of the night had a bit of a set too then with the groom over a glass of coke and a tiny bottle of Jack (wedding treat on the table from the meal). Basically I got a friend of mine to get a glass of coke from the hotel bar after the bar had closed literally we are talking a minute or 2. I got my bottle out and poured it in. I have never seen anyone go off on one over something so trivial. I have not known this guy as long as the bride of the occasion, anyway had this guys mother not been present I am sure fisticuffs would of broken out in fact I even seem to think this guy threatened to at which point I told him to go right ahead and called his bluff, at which point he swiped my drink put it on the bar by this point I was out the door for a taxi, he came following me down the steps ranting "is that it is that it" I just turned and said I think its time you go to bed and get over yourself, got in the taxi and left with a friend of mine.

To be honest I aren't really sure I want friends like these 2 but they are mutual friends of other friends of mine if that makes sense, they are on honeymoon now for a fortnight but I am just starting to think of ramifications if I permanently fall out with them, I really am quite livid over the whole thing.

Anyway I don't what to do over this thing? any thoughts
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Re: Weddings - who'd ave em :(

Postby Bel Bel » Fri May 28, 2010 11:54 am

Look you said it yourself it was trivail over he drink thing. Is it worth the possible ramifications of falling out further over it.

As for the pervert comment I think you should just tell the brdie she hurt your feelings but agree to let it drop.

Weddings are always a problem. A guy started a fight at my wedding and I barely knew him as he was a new partner of a friend I invited. As it turned out the guy he hit I hate (my best friends other half - long story). Either way I wasn't going to let it spoil my day, hopefully they will have the same mentality. At worst if the come back a bit miffed just say your sorry there was a misunderstanding about the coke and hope it can all be forgotten. That way you are not admitting fault buit apologising merely that it happened at all
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