Getting concerned

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Getting concerned

Post by Staryeyed » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:25 pm

For the past few months I have had some strange things going on with my body. I have random, unexplained pain sometimes that I have no clue why it is hurting, for example yesterday I suffered with a stabbing pain in my ribs that lasted all day, but I could not think of why this was. It can be anywhere in my body and can be really intense at times, I've been scared I had appendicitis a couple of times as sometimes my right side can feel inflamed and very painful.

I also vary in my sleep patterns, sometimes I can't sleep through the night and feel so restless, other days I can sleep for up to 12 hours and still be tired.

Another problem is I've missed 3 periods, I've never once missed a period and they are always regular and come when I expect give or take a couple if days, but I haven't slept with a guy in about a year now so am definitely not pregnant unless it's some kind of immaculate conception.

I'm becoming strange towards food swell, I used to love chicken, but now even the smell of it makes me sick, as well as other foods that i used to love. It's all just beginning to make me fed up to the point of giving up. Does anyone have any clue of what's going on?

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Re: Getting concerned

Post by Bel Bel » Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:39 pm

Our bodies and taste buds can change as we grow older so the fact your off chicken etc isn't a major issue necessarily. Just eat what you enjoy and try to reasonably healthy.

You need to go to the doctor about your periods. Are you worried or stressed the days you don't sleep. If yes this could explain the sleep and periods. Stress can majorly interfere with the bodies functions.

As fo the sharp pains i have no idea so again it may be worth getting checked out. It's possible all these symptoms are related to one cause

Nothing will get better all on it's own so go and see the doctor asap
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