friend dont believe me

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friend dont believe me

Postby lostshychild » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:21 pm

I was out with a friend a few weeks ago having drinks dancing the night away her boyfriend came up to me and said to me how much he wanted to sleep with me found it funny at the time he kept flirting with me said that his girlfriend never has sex with him I flirted back as u do when u drink i gave him a peck i was very drunk put it down to silly drunkeness but evan when he was sober he was trying to chat me up on facebook saying what he wanted to do to me so I know it was not the drink I decided to tell my friend what he said told her her everything evan the kiss thought it was the wright thing to do she sent me a message back saying I was talking jelly and I was a liar he's evan flirted round other women but she don't ever want to believe it she was very nasty saying I was mental I thought being honest was the write thing to do I deleted them both from face book as I did not see the point as she hates me anyway was talking about a bbq to someone she knows she could still see my post she then said stop sucking up to people when u spread jelly I told her to grow up she don't want me talking to anyone she knows also threatening me she was going to come round if I talk to her friend its so childish I'm being punished for telling the truth now she's trying to make my life hell and her boyfriend must be laughing cuz she sticks up for him and he can get away with anything I'm a shy kind of person so I don't like arguments and just want to be left alone and forget about it but she wants to turn everyone against me
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Re: friend dont believe me

Postby brendo » Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:57 pm


It sure sounds like a sticky situation you've found yourself in but its not uncommon. Your friend doesn't want to confront the issues in her relationship for some reason or other and you need to walk away and let her deal with it. You've told her the truth which took guts and courage so well done you. However, she prefers to think you are the bad guy right now rather than her boyfriend. Maybe in time that will change, but it may not either. Whatever happens here, give yourself a pat on the back and know that you have done nothing wrong.

You were right to delete the pair of them off your facebook account and I'm sorry to hear she can still comment on your writings on other people's walls. However, the worst thing you can do is reply or comment back on anything bad she says - if there is only her negative comment then only she will look bad to your friends online. Do NOT engage her in any way on facebook, if it becomes a tit-for-tat online fight between you both on other peoples' pages then it won't be long before they remove you both from their friends list.

You've done the right thing, this girl is just difficult and the best thing for you now is to give her a wide berth. Don't dwell on it too much, hold your head high and go out and have fun with your other friends :D

(p.s. be prepared that this girl may never leave her boyfriend. A friend of mine is dating a guy for years who repeatedly cheats on her and she just won't listen to these stories even though her close friends witness these events and tell her. We've learned that we cannot do anything except support her and remain friends and that's what we've done. Best of luck with it)
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