She's just so frustrating!!!

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She's just so frustrating!!!

Postby Bigmama85 » Thu May 19, 2011 9:31 am

I have this friend who I have known since we were small. We lost contact when we changed schools but after the birth of my son we got back in touch. Everything was great, she's a brilliant person & I know I'd be lost without her some days but things she does just infuriates me!

She used to work as a nursery nurse until her employers went bankrupt, after a couple of months with no luck finding anything I stupidly suggested she come to work with me. BIG MISTAKE!!! Because I can only work part time she has basically taken my dream job. I can't give the hours they need at the moment. I hate how she talks to me about work all the sausage time. She lists things wrong with the place (so go back to YOUR dream job!) She constantly explains herself as though I'm too stupid to understand why she's done things. She so completely anal about everything. She's a hypochondriac, craves attention constantly. She once told a girl at work (who she doesn't particularly get on with) that she had chlamydia! She's asked to leave early to buy a pregnancy test even though there was absolutely no chance of her being pregnant. She will tell the guys at work who she's slept with but when I questioned her about it I was told it never came up in conversation!! I'm supposed to be her best friend (and yes I know I don't sound like much of a friend at the moment) yet she won't tell me things unless I specifically ask about them however telling random blokes at work is completely fine!!

I just wish she'd go back to doing what she loves. She doesn't enjoy her job at the moment but can't be bothered to find nursery work anymore. I'm not just saying that because I want her out of my workplace because I can see she's not happy.

Please don't tell me what a bad friend I am because I know that already.
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Re: She;s just so frustrating!!!

Postby Ticktock » Thu May 19, 2011 8:42 pm

I would say you are a good friend, however, what is best for you and what is best for your friend is colliding and you are feeling guilty as you are not sure what is motivating you more. The fact she has taken your dream job and doesn't really want it is adding insult to injury...

I would think that the story telling is a sign of someone who is unhappy with more than her job, but on a much more personal level. You don't get them because you are a friend from before whatever has knocked her started, which is a compliment in a backhanded way.

Could you have a honest conversation with her at the moment without doing a happy dance when she tells you she is thinking about going back to nurseries! If you can, then it might be worth finding out what happened in her life in the gap in your friendship, on the basis you think she is unhappy about something.

You may be the only person in her life she will open up to, but it may be a messy business so be warned.
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