i nolonger fit in

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i nolonger fit in

Postby saramidnite » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:01 pm


i have been working in a place i hate 4 4months now. i have made lots of frineds thou. it not been easy for me as i move from london to n.ireland 2years and live in the middle of no where.
i may not like my job but am willing to do my job to high expections required as i believe you should. till i can get a better job. i am looking at the moment.

any way every one at work was lovely to me. i may bunch of frineds or i thought i did. there 7 couples at work, most of the people went to school with each other, are best mates or relatives or cheating on each other with each other.

despite that i have been polite and nice to all of them. i am in my late 20's most of em are teens.
the new young manager made bad choice that left me alot more work then i was ment to do and i was alreay single handly doing a 2-3 person job so i wasnt impressed.
and complain to the branch manager. i pointed out i didnt want the new manager to get in troble over it but if possable not to let it happen again as it wasnt fair on me or any one working in my department. i wasnt rude or nasty to her.

yet now i get dirty looks and she talks about me behind my back.
her sister works there and dating another person there and the young manager is dating some one there but wouldn't think it as she always siting different mens laps or flirting.
now people talk to me less or go quiet some times when i enter the staff room.
i am still polite and nice to her.
i am not sure what to do. she good mates with all the other managers so there no point saying any thing.
but it unfair to be made to feel like i am a bad person just because she made a mistake.
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Re: i nolonger fit in

Postby highlandcow » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:26 pm

Hi Sara

My heart went out to you when I read this. What a horrible position to find yourself in.

I know it's horrible to feel like you don't fit in, but really, if they are going to be like that towards you then they probably aren't worth knowing.
As long as you're polite and good at your job, they have nothing to b*tch about. Don't give them the satisfaction of getting too upset. I know it's hard though.

In terms of how much of a workload you've been given, you're totaly right, this wasn't your fault and you were right to complain.
Perhaps take the manager aside and mention it, to try and get rid of any bad feeling that may be lingering. Because that way, you've been the bigger person.

In the meanwhile, keep your chin up, keep doing everything the best you can, as that will help when you find something else.
Keep looking around. I found my job through this site;


It works for NI too (I just checked) :wink:

Best of luck, I hope everything works out!
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