Forum Rules - Last Updated 13th Oct 2009

PLEASE READ these rules BEFORE you register - these are the rules we ask you to follow if you intend to use the forums - if you don't like them, don't register. NEW USERS HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEIR FIRST POSTS TO BE APPROVED BY AN ADMINISTRATOR.
Forum rules
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Forum Rules - Last Updated 13th Oct 2009

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Forum Rules

  • Choose the right forum for your category of problem.
  • Help to create an accepting and understanding atmosphere in the forums by being tolerant and patient with other users.
  • Realise that different people live their lives in different ways - what seems right to you might not be right for someone else.
  • Try to value other people's experiences and comments even if you don't agree with them.
  • Use paragraphs with gaps between them for long problems - this makes them much easier to read and more likely to be answered.
  • Use 'proper' English as much as you can.
  • Always remember that children might be reading the forums!

Do not...
  • Reproduce the content of this site without permission.
  • Post sexual problems.
  • Post spam (that means unauthorised promotion of commercial websites, products or services, including links in posts and signatures unless the site is helpful or the link is in context).
  • Use bad language.
  • Abuse or make fun of other users.
  • Argue with your partner or friend on PP; each of you is entitled to privacy and confidentiality, and this cannot be achieved if you both post on the same forum.
  • Post the same problem to more than one forum.
  • Be afraid of sharing your experiences if you think you might be able to help someone.
  • Use the forums to promote your political or religious beliefs.
  • Rise to the bait of flamers or trolls, just ignore them.
  • Impersonate another user.
  • Use lots of text lingo - it makes your posts very hard to read.

If you are new to forums and online communities please read our Introduction to Nettiquette.

Last Updated 13th October 2009
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Re: Forum Rules - Last Updated 13th Oct 2009

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Jo wrote:Do not...
Use bad language.
Just reminding everyone of this, as there's been quite a lot of swearing on the forum lately. We do prefer you not to swear. Swearing with asterisks or 'missing' letters still counts!
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