How do i get my ex girlfriend back??

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How do i get my ex girlfriend back??

Postby SaintsLad » Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:54 pm

Just been dumped. She's liked me for about a year and a half when i finaly realised how amazing she was. We got together and it was really good for about 7/8 weeks and then it started to get weird for the last 2 weeks. Now shes ended it and im gutted. She lived round the corner and we saw each other almost everyday. When it started to go wrong she was just letting little things annoy her and it was awkward. We never did anything then just lay on her bed watchin tv, didnt have much to talk about and didnt want to incase she got annoyed again. We hardly touched or kissed too and we used to all the time. She let it all build up when if she'd have said something earlier we could have sorted it. She was unhappy at the end and i understand her decision but it could still work. I cant help textin her and pushin her tho. She is happy as she is at the mo she said and dont want anyone at the mo. Shes gone back to people in the past and its never worked but they all ended on bad terms in the first place, we havent and this is in her head aswell. She'd liked me for so long and she'd said she loved me she must still do. How can i make her want me again.
I'd appreciate advice i know loads of people would have been in this position b4, cheers.
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Postby Kit » Wed Apr 02, 2003 12:11 am

This is gonna sound harsh hun, but back off a bit.

You can't force her into wanting you, you have to let her make that desicion on her own. You mentioned you keep texting her, have you thought, this might be making matters worse?

The more you text her, the more annoyed she's going to get, it sounds like she needs her space for a while. Remain friends, maybe go out for a meal together one night a week, or to the cinema (as friends).

Start to enjoy each others company again. Give it time hun, if it's meant to be then it's meant to be.
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Postby KoRn_Freak » Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:02 pm

I think the worst thing you can do is put any pressure on her. If she was beginning to feel unhappy at the end of your relationship, maybe it was because something happened she felt she couldn't talk to you about. Maybe she wanted more than a night in front of the TV. Give her some time to recollect her thoughts, and yours, then decide where you want to go from there on. In the mean time, try and focus your free time on something else. Try going out with your mates to a footy match or something: anything to take your mind off this break up. I know some of this may sound harsh, but time is always the best healer.
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Postby gord3001 » Mon Apr 07, 2003 3:31 pm

only thing you can do now mate is leave it.

i mean if she liked you for all that time then chances are she still does now but if ur constantly txting her and hasseling her that like could easily turn to hate

just back up and play cool if she wants you she will come to you and if she doesent she wont

probably not what u want to hear mate but its the only way
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