how am i meant to forget three years?

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how am i meant to forget three years?

Postby miss foo » Thu Jun 19, 2003 9:09 pm

I have a big problem that i not matter how hard i try, i cant get n e advice from n e of my friends or family and they just cant understand. nine months ago my ex and i broke up, its a bit more complex tho than it sounds. He went to uni, the uni that he and i intended on going together (i was gonna join him a year later) but this wasnt the first time we'd been apart, our relationship had always been long distance whihc was hard but we saw each other oftenish and for long periods of time. I was completely and utterly in love with him, and we both said that him going to uni couldnt change n e thing because we were so serious - we had loads of future plans and lots in common an were basically one person, you should by now understand how deeply entwined we were with each other! or was it just me? the relationship was always a bit rocky (slight contradiction) which meant he was a bit overbearing and selfish at times, but i didnt see this, or leanred to love him for it n e way. so wen he went away he became quite nasty as he was meeting new people, as you do, and didnt want to hear from me (this he said). I was still at home in my same enviornent totally confused at how he could possibly change his mind after loving me so much! now hes seeing someone else who, and i quote "is the most beutiful girl in the world" leaving me to feel like nothing. I then jumped into another relationship giving myself no breathing time, and nine months on still i miss my ex like mad. I still talk to him family, whihc makes matters worse, and i havent heard from him in months, its as tho i dont exhist in his mind. The only text i got was nasty, telling me that my texting his sister was making him feel uneasy! I must be a complete idiot but hes still all i can think about, i miss him and out years together, i cant get over him, and i really need help in trying to! PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE help me :( i cant take it n e more!
miss foo
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Postby spirit_uk » Fri Jun 20, 2003 9:56 am

Sorry to have to say this but your ex sounds like a complete idiot!

I know how it is when you love someone that much and in a way it makes your feelings stronger when they either have someone else or dont want you. Its the 'wanting what you cant have' situation!

You have to think that, even by your own admission, he was selfish in the relationship. Plus he was pretty nasty to you when he moved to uni saying that he didn't want to talk to you. I personally don't think he's worth all the grief that your putting yourself through and in time I think you'll agree with that.

But Im afraid theres no easy answer, theres no miracle cure for this! It hurts and it may for quite a while yet because for you it was ended so abruptly and you didnt' really have time to adjust to not having this person in your life anymore. Time is the only thing that will cure this. Sorry!

Just keep thinking to yourself that he did treat you pretty badly when he left for university and you deserve something so much better!

I really hope you find it!
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