what do i do now?

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what do i do now?

Post by saraha » Sun Jul 06, 2003 5:04 pm

i told a few ppl at work i like this guy 4 ages.
i couldn't tell him as i was wid some one at the time.

any way,
he ask me out b 4,
but as i was wid some i said no.

as i was insurcure at the time as a lot of bad things were happening in my life,
and i really believed my ex like me while we where together.

any way i finally broke up wid my ex as i found he was using me and realised i still like this guy at work.
i can't stop thinking about him.

any way i ask some mates at work if i should tell him,
they said he still like me and i should.
i wasn't sure due to the way i have been treated by blokes in the past.

any way some one told him and everybody else at work.
ppl already said we wher going out b 4 this happen.
any way he asked me infont of aload of ppl at work if i like him and stuff.
i said no because every body was looking and a few of his mates were laughing.
he ask me again when they went away and i said that i did.
he seam real intrested to find out as he said he really wanted to no.

i ended up walking off though because customers started looking at me.
and his mates.
he kept looking at me and smiling.
but since then he sort tries to talk to but unsure what to say.

every ones stills says he like me n stuff but i dont what to say to him.
also i am leaving my job soon.
any one got any advice.

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Post by beerfest_queen » Mon Jul 07, 2003 8:19 pm

hey, dunno if it helps but i think u shud tell him exactly how you feel, things definately seem to be all mixed up so u should straighten things up. also you shouldnt care about what anyone else thinks, hey if u like him, just say so, show people u aren't bothered what they think, heheehe. good luck!

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Familiar Face
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Post by saraha » Tue Jul 08, 2003 12:05 pm

i told him and feel a total fool now.
he seamed really intrested to no on saturday if i liked him.
he said he really wanted to no.
so i told him

every told me he liked me and i should tell him ,
that he was single and i should try chatting wid him again.

so last night i asked him why he was intrested to no if i like him on saturday.
and if he liked me.

he does like me but he not single.
every told me he was.
i feel like the laughting stock at work.
all his mates told me to tell him as he really likes me.

i feel they just all laughting at me.
i am so confused he was so intrested saturday.
and being all nice to me.
i feel such a fool.

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