Kissed a best friend :S

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Kissed a best friend :S

Postby issues » Thu Jul 03, 2003 7:56 pm

hi all
i have bin friends wiv this girl for like 5 years, shes used 2 go out wiv my best mate for about a year years this is over a year.
on a Very drunken day and night of drinkin after celerbratin finishin A levels i ended up kissin her a few times (i cannot really remember i was that hammered and cannot remember if i kiss her or she kissed me)
i have always woundered if we would be good 2gether cause we get on so well, but decided i dont really fancy her.
But then after kissin her 2 top it off i kissed her best m8 towards the end of the night!!!!!!!!!!!
Who i dont like at all and apprently she came onto me (yes i was very drunk lol )
Now me and my real good friend aint talked in ages, when we do it is not liked we used 2 it is like we have parted!!!!!!
How can i go back 2 how we used 2 ???
Should i talk about the kiss???
If she says she likes me should i give it ago even though i dont really fancy her because we get on so well and enjoyin doin lots of things together???????????
ANy ideas people????
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I went through the same thing!

Postby Nicki-claire » Thu Jul 03, 2003 8:42 pm

I snoged my best mate, i werent drunk at the time but he woz! i dont know wot happened he came on to me so i went with the flow. I regreted it and hoped he wudnt rember but he did! we spent about a month tip-toeing around each other and i felt like i woz losing him as a m8 so i confronted him about it. We decided it woznt wot either of us wanted and put the snogs behind us. Now we're even closer then before. Im not saying this would work for you as i didnt see me and him 2gether like that, but it must be worth a try?, before you say anything to her make sure your certain that you know weather you like her or not, just incase she suggests going out! Duno if this helps at all???
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Postby plattsy_girl » Mon Jul 07, 2003 9:03 pm

u should say to her "whats more important. Us bein friends or risking it on going out but not getting along." If she wants to go out u have to explain why u don't think it ll be a good idea. Do what u want not because u feel u have 2.
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Postby LL » Mon Jul 21, 2003 3:33 pm

i fancied my best mate for ages, i kissed her once an we avoided each other for a while, it did get better
but as i always still fancied her it got arkward
i dont speak to her now an she avoids me, i am always out pretty much every weekend an she never goes to the places were we used to always go
the one time she was out we did end up gettin into a big fight over pretty much nuthin

ok there is much more to this story but ppl kept tellin that the best lovers start as best friends an well they were wrong there is a very fine line between love and hate

i would recomend if u do wanna get to be her friend again take it very slow an if anythin is ganna happen it will but be careful
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