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Furnishing a new house

Post by Nutopia »

Hi there,

I work for ITV1 and we are looking for people who are thinking about buying a new bed or mattress to take part in a TV show. You would get free expert advice to help you save money.

Email me on or call on 0207 034 9697 if you are interested or just want more information!

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Post by SkyVision »


Is your relationship on the rocks but you don’t want to let go? Are you fed up of arguing but desperate to stay together?

Sky Vision Productions are currently developing a TV series looking to help couples with relationship difficulties. The premise of the series will be to offer an exciting form of therapy and follow couples’ journeys as they progress and as their relationship improves.

We are currently looking for a few couples to sample this therapy for one morning with the possibility of later going through with the therapy for the series.

If you would like to know more and are interested in taking part, please email
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Post by Ten66 »

Are you seeking or engaged in an extra-marital affair?
TV production company, Ten66 TV, is developing a documentary looking at modern relationships.  We would like to hear from anyone in Beeston, Nottingham, who is either in an extra marital relationship or affair or is considering one. Our aim is to explore what drives people to have an affair. 
Please drop us a line on with your contact details (which will be held securely and confidentially) and a researcher will call or email you back for a confidential discussion.

Thank you.
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TV Series - Major UK Broadcaster is looking for Couples

Post by relationship_rescue »

7 Wonder, a TV production company based in London, have just started production on a brand new series for a terrestrial channel which will help couples that feel their relationship has lost its sparkle, to get things back on track.

Whether it's a lack of romance, commitment issues or maybe that one of them spends too much time online we want to hear from couples from all over the UK who would like to receive advice and support from qualified relationship counsellors with a view to revitalising their relationship.

Contact for more information.
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Post by kelleymcguill »

We are currently looking for people with problems/dilemmas to feature on a TV programme that we are developing with a company called betty. This is a development project for a national broadcaster - it won't be going out on TV and it will be strictly confidential

Sid and Dina, popular Agony Aunts on Youtube ( will visit people who have problems to give advice in person. So, if you are interested in hearing more and like the idea of Sid and Dina visiting you to help, then please contact the researcher, Kelley, on or call her directly on 0207 907 0604.

She can tell you more about what's involved and answer any questions you may have. There's no obligation to take part just by emailing or calling up to find out more. But the key thing is that we are filming this next Friday 3rd of February - so if you are potentially interested please speak to Kelley sooner rather than later.
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Post by DanNewkeyFilms »

We are making a short documentary film on MALE SURVIVORS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE as part of a series of short films focusing on the very real yet often overlooked issues that men face.

I am looking for male survivors of domestic violence and/or abuse to appear on camera [identity either shown or hidden depending on the participants preference] and share their stories in the hope of raising awareness and combating the stigma attached to male domestic violence/abuse.

This film is independent and will be submitted to various film festivals and uploaded to various VOD platforms.

The shoot will take place in Kentish Town, LONDON, U.K. on a date TBC, it should take around an hour and certainly no longer than an hour and a half. You will be paid a fee as well as any travel and refreshment expenses.

If you are interested in this opportunity or would like to know more please email me at: newkeyfilms at gmail dot com with some background information about yourself as well as a detailed account of your story including any convictions (for legal reasons abuse/violence that resulted in a conviction is preferable). Emails will be treated with the uppermost respect and confidentiality and you do not need to include your name if you would prefer at this stage.

please share with anyone who you think may be interested.

Thanks for your time
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Casting Call for Couples

Post by R-M-STV »

Hi guys,

I know this thread is a bit more unusual, but I wanted to let you know about an exciting new opportunity for couples.

If you're having a few issues in your relationship and feel you would benefit from getting advice from a top love and relationship expert, then this opportunity would suit you.

It's a brand new TV show made by STV Productions (we make shows like Catchphrase and Antiques Road Trip) for mainstream TV.

Whether it's money, family, sex, lifestyle or whatever else, if you think you'd benefit from gaining an insight into your relationship and help to get back on track, then comment here with your interest and I will message you more information!

Thanks for reading.

Kindest regards,

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Lack of sex is ruining/almost ruined our marriage

Post by oliveswns »


I'm looking to speak to couples who claim the lack of sex in their marriage almost killed their marriage - or that it is currently killing their marriage, and how they coped/are coping.

Please feel free to get in touch (email if you think you have a story. You will be paid for your time if used.

I work for all the national newspapers, women's magazines and TV shows like This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, etc.
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